Hey, blog lover friends if you are interested to show your skill of writing via our blog site then we are welcoming you from the center of our heart. Whether you seriously want to publish an article in allaboutassam.in then please read our instructions carefully below.

This is an English and Hindi website, where we publish articles related to Assam. Here we share information from multiple fields of the state.

We always love to help bloggers related to our content either we welcome them to write articles on our website. Because this is our purpose to help new bloggers and share their thoughts with people. We allow good writers to show their skills in front of the world and raise their voice to tell what they think about Assam.

Follow the terms and conditions to write a beautiful guest post for allaboutassam.in –

  • The article must be Assam related and not less than 500 words. If words go less than this then we will reject it.
  • Do not repeat the same word multiple times. It will pull down your quality of writing and of course, this is called keyword stuffing from the SEO perspective.
  • Use only English and Hindi language in the post; we don’t allow other languages. However, you can use traditional Assamese words but should be written it in English or Hindi.
  • We recommend the writer to only focus on quality content writing, This will improve their writing skill and generate value for readers.
  • We don’t allow articles with any grammatical mistakes; So please be very careful about it.
  • Always remember to use an image on your article; An image using article is always attractive for readers (Image should be copyright free and content related, use Pixabay.com images).
  • The article should be genuine and own created, If you use an article which is copied from another website or elsewhere, we will not allow you to write again for our website. Perhaps your IP address could be permanently restricted.
  • If you do write a blog post in our site either you do have a website then we will provide do-follow backlinks for your website improvement.
  • Be aware to reply on readers comment. Comment is a discussion; this will help your readers to gain more value from the article.

I hope you understand the above guidelines. Now if you agree with us then you can write a guest post for our website. You can send us your post via my email id at [email protected]. We will review it and if it properly meets our policies then soon we publish the article on allaboutassam.in.

If you want to know more information about the guest post then please go to the contact me page and ask a question through calling and emailing.

Thank you.

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