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My name is Akash and I live in Assam. In Education, I am a graduate in Arts and by profession, I am a passionate blogger. For the love of writing articles on different places, I start my blog about a place which is known to me very well. is an education blog. In this blog site, I share information about Assam, which is a very beautiful state of north-east India. People can know more and more about this state by reading my articles. Here I share many things from multiple fields about this beautiful state.

If you are also interested to explore Assam then you are most welcome here. You can come here always to read our posts. If you will have any question related to our articles then you can ask us questions through commenting in the comment box below or through emailing, we will try our best to solve your problems.


I have a strong vision through the website to raise a voice in front of the world to tell all and everything about Assam. I want to help those people who find needed information on the internet about this state but unable to get more as much as they want. Through this website, I will try to cover all information’s from Assam’s economy, politics, tourism, society, history and news issues.

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