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I know my friend that you are worried about contemporary environmental problems of Assam.

That is why you and I here together to learn about the 5 main issues.


Ok, then we should not wait for too long.

Let’s get started to know which the main dangerous issues of contemporary Assam, one by one. 

Environmental Problems of Assam

What are the 5 main environmental problems of Assam?

1. Flood: – A person can never even understand the pain of a flood victim, who had never suffered from it.

This is a major environmental issue in Assam.

Not only this year or the last year but every year from centuries the people of this land has been suffering from this natural disaster.

Especially for the people who live in different areas of these districts, such as Dhemaji, Lakhimpur, Sivasagar, Jorhat, Sonitpur, Hojai, Cachar and Majuli; it’s a big headache for them.

According to the report of Assam govt water resource department, each year Assam loses more than 500 crore rupees due to heavy flood.

In 2004, the lost was around 500 crore. 

This is really crazy and a very very bad sign for this backward state’s development.


2. Landslide: – Could you imagine landslide is the cause due to which Assam lost the dignity of being the number one in the world?

This is absolutely crazy and considered as a big failure for Assam government.

Yes, you got it.

I am talking about Majuli, which was once the largest River Island in the world.

But, now is it still number one?

In one word ‘No’.

In the very beginning of the 20th century, it has a total of 880 km2 areas but when 2014 report revealed we got shocked.

It decreased to 332 km2; this is more than too bad.

Majuli is just a big example. Land sliding is not only Majuli’s problem but other places of Assam also facing it too.

They are  – Guwahati, Cachar, Kokrajhar, Nogaon, Lakhimpur and many other places.


3. Water Pollution: – Water is the life of species. What if the life-giving element got polluted?

Death and thread are the two most compatible answers of it.

Isn’t it true?

Water pollution is becoming another environmental problem in Assam.

I know that you want to know the examples of it. So here are the examples below: –

  • Pollution in Brahmaputra, Barak and its other tributary rivers by falling scrums of factories near itself.
  • Acid rain through high air pollution.
  • Using chemical fertilizers in agro lands.
  • By throwing untreated sewage on ponds, streams, and rivers.

In the result we are getting unnatural death of animals, serious diseases of humans, like Cholera, Pox, and Cancer, etc.


4. Soil Pollution: – Assam economies 70 percent is dependent upon agriculture.

Therefore, in this case, soil pollution is a deep issue for this agriculture-dependent state.

So, what are the main causes behind it?

Do you want to know that?

Here are a few causes below: –

  • Throwing plastic bags and other plastic made the thing anywhere.
  • Using a high quantity of Chemical fertilizers for better agro-production.
  • Acid rain.

Soil pollution can make a big reduction in producing crops. 


5. Air pollution: – Do you know Guwahati is the highest air polluted area in north-east?

As it becoming one of the fastest growing mega cities in India, Guwahati is also causing a lot of problem through air pollution.

Poor quality infrastructure, low-quality governance is the main factors, working behind this environmental problem.

Each year more than five thousand people died in Assam due to high air damages.

From this last 8-10 years, we have seen that Assam has been growing a lot in building new industries but it felt sad when we analyze the working methods of these newly founded companies.

Most of their works are not environment-friendly or ethical.

On the other hand, the government takes less action on preventing them because they also fear to lose royalty.

And at the result, we can see high air pollution and an unhealthy environment.



There are also many other environmental problems in Assam.

But these five we learned above are the most dangerous problems for this state, especially flood and landslide.

What do you think?

Let us know.



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