What is Assam Divas?


Assam Divas is a day which is celebrated as a tribute to the first Ahom ruler Chaolung Sukaphaa.

This day is also called as Sukaphaa Divas, celebrated each year’s on 2nd December since 1996.


This History of Assam Divas

In 1228 a group of 9000 people came to the land of Brahmaputra valley through Patkai hills.

These 9000 people group belonged to Tai ethnicity, which came from south China’s Yunnan provisions Mong Mao region.

The group was led by a great leader, who was also the prince of Mong Mao.

As we know him today as the first king of Ahom kingdom, he was none other than but the great Chaolung Sukaphaa.

After these people arriving in the Brahmaputra valley, they celebrated a festival as worship to their dead ancestors, which is still celebrated even after 800 long years, Me-Dam-Me-Phi.

In 1253, Sukaphaa established his first kingdom capital at Charaideo; here we can still experience the glory of 600 years Ahom ruling.

An Essay on Assam Divas or Sukaphaa Divas

The Contribution of Sukaphaa to Assam

Before Ahom came to the valley, the people of the land were not unified. They were divided into different ethnicity, different languages, and different political groups.

Sukaphaa unified these all people by creating one political group in the land; however, there were still different groups extending at that time too.

But Sukaphaa did a lot.

Probably many of us don’t know but I would like to tell you that Ahom’s were very smart and active instead they too less in numbers.

Why I am saying like that?

Actually, when they first entered here they were too less in numbers than its old local inhabitants but look at their smartness, instead, they were less in numbers, they ruled around 600 years on this land.

Even created uniformity among different groups of people.

Do you know how this land of Brahmaputra and Barak Valley got the name of ‘Assam’?

It also evolved from ‘Ahom’ word.

Let me tell you the story.

When Ahom came here they were more powerful and smarter than its local residents.

By seeing the power and smartness of these migrated people, local inhabitants firstly denominated them through ‘Ahoom’ word.

Which means high-grade people; Later ‘Ahoom’ evolved to ‘Ahom’ and after the British came here, ‘Ahom’ evolved to ‘Assam’.



I am not saying, Sukaphaa is only the king who did all, of course not. His later successors also had great contributions to build this powerful kingdom.

But we all have to admit that Sukaphaa was the person who established the strong foundation of the Ahom kingdom.


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