Ahom Dynasty [15 Mysterious Answers]


Ahom dynasty is the most powerful dynasty’s ever evolved in the soil of Assam. They have a great history of 600 years domination and also they have a history of decline.

Hey everyone how are you? I hope you are fine. I am aware that you are coming here to know different things about the Ahom dynasty. Therefore I created this page for you.

So today you and I will explore 15 most mysterious question answers about Ahom’s of the state Assam.

So, let’s get started one by one.

Charaideo Maidam, Ahom Dynasty, Ahom Kingdom

Who the Ahom’s were?

As well as the question is simple the answer of it also very simple. Actually, Ahom is a community of people, belonged to Tai ethnicity, who ruled in Assam for around 600 long years.


When did Ahom dynasty start to rule in Assam?

They entered to the Brahmaputra valley in 1228 and started their domination over its old residence. Over time they almost capture the whole land.

According to history (Burongi), they ruled here from 1228 to 1826, which means nearly about 600 long years.



Who was the first king of Ahom dynasty?

Hands down, he was none other than but Chaolung Sukaphaa. Before these people came here, they lived in ‘Mong Mao’, where Sukaphaa was the prince.


How many Tai ethnic people came here at very first?

There were about 9000 of Tai ethnic people came here with Chaolung Sukaphaa.

Most of these people were males; therefore later they had to married other ethnic females of the Brahmaputra valley.

Today’s Ahom people are not from one particular ethnicity, 95% of them are mixed blooded (blood from different human races).

Rang ghar, Asia’s first Pavilion, Ahom Dynasty

How many total kings that Ahom dynasty had?

There was a total of 41 kings, who ruled in the Ahom kingdom. Here as I mentioned you above, the first one was Chaolung Sukaphaa and the last one was Purandar Singha.


Did they follow any particular religious belief?

This question is a little bit complicated; genuinely in the very first, they believed in Animism and descendent worship tradition.

Therefore till the beginning of the 17th century, they did not follow any particular religious belief.

In the days of Swargadeo Sunenphaa, Ahom started to slowly move into Hinduism.

If we talk about their present religious scenario than 90% of these people are the Hindu’s.


Since when Me-Dam-Me-Phi festival has been celebrating?

It is quite controversial to decide a particular date, that since when Ahom has been celebrating the Me-Dam-Me-Phi festival?

But I can tell you that it was first celebrated by Chaolung Sukaphaa as the joy of reaching the Brahmaputra valley.

He worshiped his dead ancestors and gave tribute to them by organizing this festival.


Did Ahom follow any human sacrificed tradition?       

There are some very popular Assam history books, written by some prominent writers.

There they mentioned that Ahom followed human sacrificed ritual in older days besides animal sacrifice rituals.


Who was the only women ruler of Ahom Dynasty?

That woman was queen Ambika. Ambika was the wife of Swargadeo Siba Singha; she also got a name of ‘Bor Roja’ (which means big or powerful or aggressive) due to her aggressive activities.


Are these people speaking Assamese from very beginning time?

This answer is no; because they brought here Tai language at very first and also kept alive it till the 17th century but due to the dominance of Assamese language, it lost its old identity over time.

Nowadays many of ‘Tai organizations’ in Assam are trying to regain it among Ahom people but I think they are not doing still well yet.


Which was the first capital of Ahom kingdom?

If you are from Assam then this answer is not for you, because you must know that it was Charaideo. In 1253 CE, it was established by Sukaphaa.

Charaideo is the place, where dead Ahom kings tombs are still very beautifully reserved. You can go there and see these historical things.


Why did the rule of Ahom dynasty fall?

There are a few reasons that I have already written articles on. You can read these articles to know the causes of its failure after 600 long years of the ruling: –


What are the great creations?

  • Rang Ghar
  • Kareng Ghar
  • Talatal Ghar
  • Shiva Dol
  • Vishnu Dol
  • Devi Dol
  • Sivasagar Tank


Who was most successful king of Ahom dynasty?

Parramatta Singha or Sunenphaa is considered the most successful king of the family tree.

He created a lot of things, as we can see as history today. Such as Rang Ghar, Kareng Ghar, and Talatal Ghar, etc.



This is all for today, my friend. If you think we need to add more question and answers on it then please make sure to comment below and let us know about it.


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