Agnigarh A Historical Destination of Tezpur


Here is the brutal truth about historic destinations like Agnigarh.

People in the traveling world of Assam today, want to reach different places around the world.

But many of them don’t know that they have an awesome destination in their own home.

Here is the deal.

This year on January month I went to Tezpur, and hence I visited Agnigarh.

This was so amazing; therefore I thought to share with you the whole experience and some awesome historical facts related to it.

Agnigarh, Historical Destination of Tezpur

Agnigarh – A barrier of an epic love story (Part – 1)

A historical place of Tezpur district of Assam, Agnigarh is especially a hillock area which was built by a devil king (Asura) ‘Banasur’.

Do you why Agnigarh is famous for?

This was a fact of Hindu mythology (Don’t know how much it is true or false), Banasur had a daughter named ‘Usha’.

One night Usha saw a dream to meet a very good looking man and with it, she fell in love with him.

But still, she didn’t recognize him, who he really was.

Therefore she told her best friendChitralekha to find the handsome man in her dream and make a beautiful portrait of him.

Here I have to tell you, Chitralekha had magical powers; therefore she was able to get into the dreams of her friend Usha.

Finally, Chitralekha succeeded in their intention.


Part – 2

After making the portrait of the handsome man Chitralekha tried to find him again by using her magical powers.

Finally, she succeeded and found that he was non-other but ‘Aniruddha’ the grandson of Usha’s father enemy Lord Krishna.

This thing made Chitralekha a little bit anxious but seeing Usha’s love to him she decided to help her to marry Aniruddha.

Usha Aniruddh Vivah - Agnigarh

Part – 3

Friends till now, we have understood that Banasur and Lord Krishna both were enemies but do we know why they were enemies of each other?

Let’s learn it.

According to Hindu mythology, Banasur was the son of ‘Mahabali or Bali’, Bali was also an Asura king, who was quite egoistic that he was the greatest munificent in the world.

To destroy his ego, Lord Krishna slaughters him by doing some treachery. Because of Krishna killed his father doing treachery, therefore, later he started hating him a lot.

This is the core fact from where the rivalry started between Lord Krishna and Banasur.


Part – 4

I hope you understand the whole story, how it’s all related to each other. So now let’s go to the next scene.


Probably it would remain all okay if Aniruddha was not the grandson of Krishna but when Banasur learned that his daughter trying to build a relationship with his enemy’s grandson then he started to get burnt out in anger.

One night Chitralekha revive Aniruddha by using her magical powers and brought near to Usha when he was sleeping.

When Aniruddha opened his eye, he saw Usha for the very first time and immediately fall in love with her as well as Usha felt in the first time.

This is the main point where this story takes an interesting turn.

After the meet up of Usha and Aniruddha, Chitralekha gives them both marriages.

However Banasur didn’t learn about this incident very first, therefore they succeeded to marry each other through Gandharva rites.

After their marriage when he learned about this case, he became very angry and somehow caught Aniruddha and then captive him in a prison of a historic place?    

Do you know, which that place was?

Yes, you are absolutely right. This was the ‘Agnigarh’.

A prison on the mountain, where Aniruddha was tied up that he can’t meet Bana’s daughter again.

Now you may think why Agnigarh is called Agnigarh?

There is a very interesting reason behind this. Let’s broke the word into two phrases.

First ‘Agni’ and then ‘Garh’; these both words are the Assamese words, where ‘Agni’ consist ‘Fire’ and ‘Garh’ consist ‘Mountain’.

It was a mountain, which was surrounded by fire that nobody can get in or get out without Banasur’s permission.

Har-Hara War, Tezpur

Part – 5

Now we are in part five of this epic story.

Let’s get into it.

As we have learned above that Lord Krishna was the grandfather of Aniruddha.

When Krishna learned that his grandson was imprisoned by his enemy Banasur, he immediately took action to make him free from Agnigarh.

Here I have to tell you that Krishna’s action to rescue Aniruddha led the whole story to an epic war.

This war was not so simple as others.

It was in between two of the most powerful gods of Hindu’s. Here one was, as we know Lord Krishna and another was Lord Shiva.

Now you may think why god Shiva involved in it?

Well, there is also a reason behind it.

Actually, Banasur was a great devotee of Shiva. Hence, once Shiva promised to help him in such critical conditions.

This was the fact why these two supreme deity’s had to face a battle against each other.

Famous as the Hari (Krishna) – Hara (Shiva) war in Indian epics, in this battle The Rivers of blood were swept away.

Millions of people died and the blood shade created a historical name for today to us.


This name is ‘Tezpur’; which means the place of blood shade.


Part – 6

Finally in the sixth scene, Lord Brahma came there to stop the war and he requested both Shiva and Krishna to be patient, otherwise, the whole world will be destroyed.

By seeing the opportunity Krishna told Shiva that Bana’s act was irrigational and this is why this war too.

In this case, Shiva agreed to him and consensus to stop it.

Finally Hari-Hara battle ends up here and Banasur also obliged to make Aniruddha free from prison and accepted the Gandharva marriage between Usha and Aniruddha.

This is the end of this epic story.

I hope you liked it.

Banasur the devotee of lord shiva

A sweet description of Tezpur

As you have learned from the story that Tezpur is the place of blood, where the war between Hari and Hara flowed the rivers of blood.

In modern times Tezpur is rich in various cultural elements of Assam.

It is a city of Sonitpur district, upper Assam.

Brahmaputra River flows near itself.

You can visit there and experience a lot of destinations.

Here is the list below: –

  • Agnigarh
  • Kolia Bhumura Setu – This Setu got the name after an Ahom worrier Kolia Bhumura Phukon.
  • Chitralekha Park – As you know Chitralekha was the best friend of Bana’s daughter, Usha. This park got the name after her by Chitralekha uddyan.
  • Bhoirobi Temple
  • The great river the Brahmaputra.
  • Famous national park Nameri (especially famous for different species of Birds and animals)
  • Bura Chapori wildlife sanctuary and many more.


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