Zikir and Zari


Zikir and Zari both are the types of folk songs of medieval Assam state. Generally popular among Muslim community people of Assam, these folk songs were very first composed by a great saint of 17th century, who was named by ‘Azan Fakir’.

He came from ‘Baghdad’ of middle-east Asia and settled later in Sivasagar district of Assam (Lived at Nazira).

Do you what actually ‘Zikir’ word consists?

Zikir and Zari

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Actually ‘Zikir’ is an Arabic word, this Arabic word consist, the meaning of the greatness and the glory of ‘Allah’. Therefore all the Zikir’s were composed for showing the importance and the glory of ‘Allah’.

On the other hand, ‘Zari’ is a little bit different from Zikir’s. Especially Zari’s are the publisher of the grief of ‘Mohram’.

These 17th-century folk songs have been running through people mouth to mouth, therefore most of these songs have changed a lot of in itself with the flow of time.


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