Why do we call Assam as Assam?


It’s quite interesting itself ‘why we call Assam as Assam’?

Do you want to discover this amazing fact?

Ok, then I will explain to you this amazing fact within a very few words.

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First of all, in ancient ages this land was not known by the name of ‘Assam’, at that period of time it was called ‘Pragjoytishpur’.

[This name Pragjoytishpur evolved from a mythological story. But this is not our matter, so let’s avoid this. I will get you on this matter on another article.]

Till the mid of 13th century, this land was still called Pragjoytishpur. In 1228 Ahom entered to this land through ‘Patkai hills’ from south-east China.

The Ahom’s who entered this land was led by a great leader, who was the prince of Mong Mao of China.

Do you know who he was?

Yes, he was the first king of Ahom kingdom, Chaolung Sukaphaa.

Why we call Assam as Assam ,

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Here now we are in a turning point, so let’s go to the next step

After Ahom came to the Brahmaputra valley, they slowly slowly started to capture the ruling power of whole Assam.

In number’s, they were too less but in power and intelligence, they were even better than its old residence.

By seeing and feeling their power and ability, the old residence started to call them ‘Ahoom’.

This ‘Ahoom’ is an Austric word, which means ‘unequal’. The residence used this term to show respect to the powerful Ahom’s.

[According to them Ahoom=Unequal and more powerful than them]

So with the flow of time, this Ahoom word evolved to Ahom and later, after Britishers came it became ‘Assam’.

So this is fact why we call Assam as Assam. Do you have more questions?

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