Social Entrepreneurship in Assam


Generally, people think entrepreneurship is just about doing business and making a lot’s of profit.

But is this concept true?

Maybe not, because there are too many other forms of entrepreneurship that most people around us don’t know about.

Today here in this post I will be sharing with you some very significant points about ‘social entrepreneurship in Assam’.

I hope these points will help you to learn a lot.

But before we get into Assam, let’s make it clear……


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What is Social Entrepreneurship?

First, try to observe the concept of ‘Entrepreneurship’.

Actually ‘Entrepreneurship’ is a way through which a person or an entrepreneur tries to solve common people’s problem and through solving that problem he/she tries to fulfill his/her goals.

Now the concept of the goal comes in front of us. The goal could be anything; we can’t only determine it within ‘making money’.

In ‘social entrepreneurship’ the goal is about solving social problems and getting highly mental satisfaction. It is not money driven.

Some examples of great social entrepreneurs: – Mahatma Gandhi, Srimanta Sankardeva, Abraham Lincoln, Raja Ram Monohar Rai, Mother Teresa etc.  

I hope you have got the concept. Now let’s get into Assam.


Is Assam doing well ?

This answer can’t be given within a few sentences.

I agree that there are a lot of organizations and personalities in this state who are trying enough to make some changes in its society but the space of problems is too high against these few entrepreneurs.

Here one of the reasons is high population growth.

Assam has its current population around 4 crores, and for solving these 4 crore people’s problem, the number of organizations and people is too less.

So, here is why though they are trying enough to do something great but still something is missing here.


Where are the main problems?

I already mentioned you above the very first problem is high population, because of which the effect remains too thin. Here in the following, I shared a few chief problems against it: –

1. The tension of money: – Everyone in the world wants’ to make money because without making money life is very hard.

But if you enter in social entrepreneurship world then it becomes something different, where you will have to work without thinking about making money. It becomes an unpaid social service.

Therefore most of the people, especially youths in Assam do not want entre in this world.

This is so sad but true, and on the other hand, Assam is a backward state where unemployment problem is also in a very bad situation.


2. The common people mentality: – Have you ever got to listen, “there is nothing in social service, these all are nothing except mediocrity, your life will be wasted, so don’t try to be Gandhi or Mother Teresa” etc etc.

This is the common people thinking and also a threat to social entrepreneurship.

Actually, Assam is not alone facing this problem but other people from different parts of India also face it.


3. The lack of good will: – Social entrepreneurship is not just about showing off, it’s a feeling of originality that allows a person to do something great for the society without thinking for any profit.

We have seen some entrepreneurs and organizations a few years back in Assam, caught for scamming and get banned later.

What do you think, do they deserve any prestige?

Of course, not.

Scamming, duplicity, corruption in social entrepreneurship are some major threats for this noble cause.



I hope this article provides some information to you about the present scenario of social entrepreneurship in Assam.

Bye-the-way, what do you think about how we can solve those problems.

 Comment below and join with us in the discussion.

 Thank you.


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