Social Condition of Ancient Assam


A few points will help you to understand ancient Assam’s social condition. Here are the five main points’ you should understand given below: –


1. Mixed Ethnicity: – Accordance of some history books, at very first Austric ethnic people lived in the land of Assam but a few centuries later Mongolian ethnic groups entered to this land and started to dominate them.

Around the time of the 10th century, Indo-Aryan ethnic people came here from the northern part of India and snatch the ruling power from the Mongolian race.

From these incidents, we can easily understand that the ethnicity of Assam was mixed in old times because different invaders entered here at different times.

Social Condition of Ancient Assam

2. Different Languages: – As we discuss on the above that there were three different human races lived in ancient Assam.

In this case, it is very common; the language of ancient Assam was also a mixed one.

We can still experience the impact of mixed language. Such as: –

  • Austric: – Kokai, Bou, Kepeta, Batulguti etc.
  • Mongolian: – Dihing, Apong, Dichang etc.

After Austric and Mongolian, the Indo-Aryan’s brought the Sanskrit language to here.

But with the flow of time it also got mixed and lost its identity over time and at the result, we have got the Kamrupi Prakrits (The first sign of Assamese language).

As I know, I can tell you that ancient Assam language was dominated by three different languages at different times.


3. Control of king: – Old time’s polity was controlled by kings. No democracy and no rule of common people.

It was the completely dynastical monarchy.

Example- The Aryan language had progressed only because of the support of Aryan king at that time.


4. Rule of Religious belief: – Ancient Assam society was ruled by religious belief.

I am not using the word ‘religion’ as the synonyms of ‘blind beliefs’ but I can surely commit to you that the dominance irrational blind belief was too high at that time.

It also harmed a lot of people lived in that society.


5. Poor People: – In today’s Assam we have seen three different economic classes but was the condition same in older days?

No, absolutely not.

There were only two main economic classes in the older days. There, one was rich and another was poor.

The rich people were the rulers of the societies and the poor’s were the farmers and labors.

In against of rich people the numbers of poor’s were too high. So we can say, the society of ancient Assam was mainly a poor people based society.


So, I hope you have got an idea from this article.


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