Main Problems of Rural Entrepreneurship in Assam


What puts us in a backward position in Entrepreneurship? Especially in rural areas we are doing worst, that is why our youth’s become unemployed after completing their graduation or higher studies.

It’s an experience of an unemployed (myself), which I want to share with you today. I think you are also like me who experiences these problems.

So, we should start this with the very first one.

Problems of Rural Entrepreneurship in Assam

3 Main Problems of Rural Entrepreneurship in Assam

1. Don’t try to understand leadership is not a popularity contest: – Do you have seen, in a program organized in your villages and there everyone wants’ to be a leader?

I have experienced, people who are in the committees started to think own self as leaders but in working side they are always doddle, at that particular moment he doesn’t want to listen to anyone’s viewpoint.

(Most of the times he/she underestimate other people)

I think this mentality is the first point, why we are still in a back position in rural entrepreneurship.

Because, when you started to think yourself as the most knowledgeable person on this planet then you will start to underestimate other people viewpoint (this is very common my friend).

But always remember my friend, as Shiv Khera says, leadership is not a contest of popularity gaining. It is about helping common people and being a leader of their heart and soul.

Great leaders never underestimate other’s viewpoint, they always respect them and stay ready to learn things and apply them into social welfare.

So this point is for them who think themselves as leaders but only for gaining popularity among the population, don’t do that because you are a fake leader.

Leadership is not a short-term process; it’s long a very term game. Remember Nelson Mandela’s long walk to freedom for 28 long years.

[Simple tip: Always focus on your work, not popularity. Your hard work will make you a real leader]


2. Foolish are thought as wise: – This problem is the 2nd worst problem of rural entrepreneurship in Assam.

What does it mean?

Once a great philosopher Francis Bacon quoted that a state always faces bad luck where slays are thought as wise.

This same thing is happening in the case of Assam rural areas.

Our people don’t know how to select their leaders; therefore most of the times some slays are selected by the fault and at result, we face bad lucks.

Examples: – Scam on village development funds from government, dissolution of self-help clubs.


3. Job Mentality: – Do you have completed your education? If you do then, now the time to find a job and make secure your life.

This question and suggestion are very common to listen from the people around us in Assam.

Everyone wants’ to make their life secure by getting a job. I don’t want to say that it’s wrong but for entrepreneurship, this is not a good sign.

99 out of 100 youths in Assam rural areas are job seekers, now you tell me how we could be able to develop rural entrepreneurship with this mentality?



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