What is Namghar?


Namghar is a religious or sacred house of Assamese people of the state Assam. Basically, it belongs to Hinduism, where it works as a part or expander of the new form of Hinduism’s ‘Eksaranbaad’.

Here the Assamese word ‘Namghar’ formed with two main different words. Here one is ‘Nam’ and the other is ‘Ghar’.

‘Nam’ consists of the meaning of prayer to the god Vishnu and ‘Ghar’ consist of the meaning of the house. In one short sentence, it consists of the house of prayer.

Picture of Borduwa Namghar

Picture of Borduwa Namghar

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In which part of Assam, there is the highest number of Namghar’s?

There was a survey done in the year 2011. According to the survey report, there were total 25,000 of Namghar’s around the whole state, where the Brahmaputra valley was observing 85% of total Namghar’s.

Actually, there are two main valleys in Assam, here one is Brahmaputra valley and the other is Barak valley.

In the Barak valley, most of the people are not from the Assamese community, their cultural elements are different from the Assamese culture. Therefore, they don’t use Namghar’s as their prayer house, instead of as Assamese.


Which was the very first Namghar in Assam?

The ‘Borduwa Bornamghar’ is the first Namghar ever founded in ‘Nogaon districts’ by the great Vaishnavite saint of medieval Assam, ‘Mahapurusa Srimanta Sankardeva’.

It is a matter of great controversy but I want to tell you that some people tell, it was very first built in 1468 and some people tell in 1509.

What do you think?

Do you have any specific solution to the controversy? If you do have then please comment below with your solution, I really do appreciate it.

Some other fact’s related to Namghar

Some other fact’s related to Namghar

1. According to some sources; it is said, the Borduwa Bornamghar was built with the leadership of ‘Jagatananda’. Maybe you are thinking who was Jagatananda?

Actually, Jagatananda was the elder brother of Srimanta Sankardeva. Sankardeva told his brother to create a beautiful house, where they can do different types of sacred activities.


2. ‘Namghar’ is a religious institution, where only Lord Vishnu is praised. This one god worshipping character shows the ‘Eksaranism’ importance of it.

I think this would not be so wrong if we say; it is the central institution of Vaishnavism expansion. 



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