Madhav Kandali


Recognized as the superior poet of the pre-Sankari period, Madhav Kandali had some greater influences in the old Assamese literature.

This 14th-century poet was the chief poet of Kachari kingdom king’s Mahamanikya’s levee.

Do you know my friend; Madhav Kandali was the very first person in northern India, who first translated the Valmiki Ramayana to the Assamese regional language.

Ramayana was also translated to other regional languages (Odia, Bengali, Hindi, Bihari etc) but it happened after 200 or 300 years of his translation. Now we can imagine our-self how faster Madhav Kandali really was.

He named his translated version of ‘Ramayana’ to ‘Katha Ramayana’. According to some intellect like Dr.Banikanta Kakoti and Benudhar Sharma, his translation was a high stander level.

madhav kandali

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5 other fact’s to know about Madhav Kandali

1. Madhav Kandali was also known as ‘Kaviraj’. He himself has accepted this interesting fact in the ending of his ‘Katha Ramayana’.

2. Srimanta Sankardeva, who was also a great scholar, saint of Assam, recognized him by the sentence ‘Opromyadi Kobi’. It was a tribute by one great person to another in the history of Assam.

3. Madhav Kandali composed ‘Saptakanda Ramayana’ but with the flow of time, a few parts of it got lost. Therefore Srimanta Sankardeva and Madhavdeva completed his composition by writing themselves own.

Lost parts were ‘Adikanda’ and ‘UtteraKanda’. Here Srimanta Sankardeva composed ‘UtteraKanda’ and Srimanta Madhavdeva composed ‘Adikanda’.



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