Kabiratna Saraswati


This short article will help you to learn things about Kabiratna Saraswati. So friends let’s get started to it.

Another great scholar, intellect and writer of Pre-Sankari era was Kabiratna Saraswati. He was from ‘Kamatapur’ state of ancient Assam.

As well as Hema Saraswati got support from Kamatapur’s king ‘Durlavnarayana’ ‘Raj Assembly’, Kabiratna Saraswati also got support from ‘Durlavnarayana’s’ son and the new king of Kamatapur ‘Indranarayana’s’ ‘Raj Assembly’.

Kabiratna Saraswati

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This is a little bit controversial but do you know my friend, according to some intellect Hema Saraswati and Kabiratna Saraswati both were the scholars of the same period.  

Bye the way, here I want to tell you a short about his personal life that Kabiratna Saraswati’s father was an employ of Kamatapur’s king Indranarayana. His father name was ‘Chakrapani Sikadaar’.

Most of his compositions came from the ancient India epics; here ‘Mahabharata’ is one of the main sources of it. Among his compositions, the ‘Jaydrath Vadh’ is very famous among people.    


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