Who was Hema Saraswati?


Hema Saraswati was a great poet or writer of the pre-Sankari era. He was the person who composed the ‘Prahlad Charitra’ and ‘Haragauri-Sambaad’. According to some historical facts, Hema-Saraswati was the poet of ‘Raj Assembly’ of the ‘Kamatapur’s King Durlavnarayana’.

Hema Saraswati

The Parent’s of Hema Saraswati

From the very beginning, Hema Saraswati belongs to a noble family. His father was Rudra Saraswati, who was also a great scholar of ancient Indian epics and Sanskrit language.

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Hema Saraswati’s two great compositions

  • Haragauri-Sambaad: – In this epic book he described the materials related to Lord Shiva, Parvati (wife of Shiva), Tarakashur (the demon), Ganesha and Kartika (sons of Shiva and Parvati).
  • Prahlad Charitra: – In this book, he has published a beautiful relation between the devotee and God. Here the devotee is Prahlad and the God is Lord Vishnu.


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