The economic life of ancient Assam


Here in this post, I will be showing you an image of the economic life of ancient Assam.

This lifestyle characters will be divided into 7 main points, which will help to learn about this matter step by step.

Economic life of ancient Assam

1. Poor economy: – Ancient Assam’s economy was too weak. Due to the economic weakness, most of the people lived a backward and hard life.

At that time this land was ruled by kings, therefore, common people were unable to do things, which they actually wanted to do and make some growth in life.


2. Economic Classes: – At the modern age we have seen multiple classes in the Assamese society, such as Rich, Middle class and Poor but at that time class division based on the economy was quite different.

There were only two main economic classes in ancient Assam, there one was rich and another was poor. Middle-class people had not seen at that period of time.


3. Agriculture based economy: – I am not trying to say, at present Assam’s economy is completely changed from agriculture to industrial, still economies 70% is based on agriculture.

But in ancient times 99% of it dependent on agriculture. So, agricultural dependency is the third main character of it.

economic life assam

4. Impact of religious belief: – what is this impact of religious belief? Actually, it means economic activities influenced by religious beliefs.

In old times economic activities like agricultural works were not done in some specific dates or days.

[In those days these activities were completely prohibited, if someone attempted at that time then he/she punished by the society very hard]

Such as Ambubasi Mela days, full moon nights etc.

These things still work in the Assamese society at present but comparing to ancient ages, its impact decreased a lot.


5. Low production: – We have heard from our old people’s that our generation is quite lazy than them.

But do you know what they must assume that our generation is smarter than them?

We assume that ancient ages people were more hardworking and tough-minded but lack of modern ideas they were unable to produce more as we have done today.

In ancient Assam, production was too less; not even 1 percent of today’s production.

If we produce agricultural crops 1 quintal in these days when they produced only 1 KG’s from the same hard work in those days.


6. Exploitation of elite: – Don’t need to go far, just look at the Ahom ruling age. What happened at that time?

Common people did a lot of hard work but the fruit, stolen or decoyed by elite classes of the society.

This is one of the chief characters, why common people failed to grow economically; 5 out of 10 percent revenue was taken away as per tax from poor farmers.


7. The Barter system: – It is quite unbelievable for us to believe in the Barter system at present day society.

But in the old times, it was very common, to exchange goods and services, at that time the importance of money was too less.

So we can say the economic life of ancient Assam was dependent upon the Barter system.


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