Characteristics of Neo-Vaishnavism


Here in this post, I will be sharing with you 6 main characteristics of Neo-Vaishnavism.

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Characteristics of Neo-Vaishnavism

6 main characteristics of Neo-Vaishnavism

1. Neo-Vaishnavism is a religious movement which was evolved due to the reformation of old Hinduism.

It means Neo-Vaishnavism is a part of Hinduism but it is an updated or reformatted version of it.

So this is the very first character of Neo-Vaishnavism.


2. The 2nd character is, it is alwaysAssamese language or Lord Krishna centric. Here only Lord Vishnu is the worshiped deity. Except Vishnu, no other deity is worshiped in here.

‘Ekiswarbaad’ is the principle quote of it.


3. The third character that you have to know is, it completely opposes the idol worship of traditional Hindu dharma.

If you approach the old Hindu religious forms then there you will see a lot of idol worship traditions but here idol worship is completely prohibited.


4. There is a lot of class partition in Hindu Dharma but class partitions are not allowed in Neo-Vaishnavism.

Here all the people are equal; you will not get to see any inequality of caste and Varna among the people.

This is the main reason today, why lower castes people are moving into Vaishnavism.


5. The main medium of this religious form’s expenditure is ‘regional languages’. They were such as Assamese, Bengali, Bihari, and Odia etc.

As we have seen, the Assamese language in Assam and the Bengali language in West Bengal.


6. The sixth character is its subject matter. What is the main subject matter of Neo-Vaishnavism?

Do you know that?

It is the ‘Bhagwat Geeta’ and its materials. The original Bhagwat Geeta is written in the Sanskrit language, therefore most of the common people get difficult to understand and read it.

To build awareness among people and make them understand the real form of Hindu dharma, the scholars (ex- Srimanta Sankardeva, Chatyanyadeva) translated Bhagwat Geeta into regional languages.


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