Bihu Foods of Assam


As we know Bihu is the heartbeat of Assam and Assamese culture.

It is not just only a festival but it’s an enthusiasm of Assamese people, through which they have been trying to keep themselves alive separately from other cultural elements.

By-the-way friend, today we will learn about Bihu foods of Assam state, which are usually eaten very delightfully in Bihu occasions. (Rongali, Kongali, and Bhogali)

So, let’s see what they are.


5 Bihu Foods of Assam State

Assamese Marriage Food - Pork Curry, Bihu Foods of Assam, Gahori Manxho or Pork Meat

1. Gahori Manxho or Pork Meat: – In the society of Assam, the Gahori Manxho is a very popular dish among its people.

Traditionally it is cooked in verities of ways, such as Khorikat Dia Pura Gahori Manxho or Smoke pork, Sungat Dia Gahori Manxho, etc.

These dishes are usually eaten with Rice beer or Haz {‘Haz’ is an Assamese word}.

Probably you tasted the smoke pork recipe before but I suggest you try the Sungat Dia Gahori for once. [It smells good and tastes good]

During Bihu day’s the combination of Gahori Manxho and Haz becomes very delightful for Assamese people.


2. Haz, Apong or Rice beer: – Haz or rice beer is another a famous food of Assam.

Actually, it is an ethnic drink of the Assamese society and has two different names by Haz and Apong, etc.

It is a very strong drink, which is not so easy to control for a new person, who had never drink it before.

No matter is it good for health or not but we people love it so much, as our cultural element.

Narikol aru Guror Laru

3. Narikol aru Guror Laru: – Narikol aru Guror Laru is one of the famous sweets of Bihu.

Make with Jaggery (Gur) and Cocoanut (Narikol), this sweet dessert will fill your heart with happiness.

However, this dish has another one form, where sugar is used instead of Jaggery but I think the taste of Jaggery is more delightful than sugar.

Chira aru Mohor Doi

4. Chira aru Mohor Doi: – I don’t know the actual history but people of Assam believe that their Bihu festival will not be fulfilled successfully if they don’t eat Chira and Mohor Doi.

Traditionally this beautiful dessert is eaten with Jaggery. Here Mohor Doi means Buffalo Yogurt and Chira means flattered rice.

[Just try it one]

Tel Pitha

5. Tel Pitha: – It is a verity of Assamese Pitha recipes. Make with rice flour and Jaggery, in this food mustard oil is used in very high quantity.

At first, the rice flour and Jaggery is mixed very softly by using some water and then this mixture is fried in deep mustard oil.

After these two simple steps, Tel Pitha gets ready to be served.



I hope this short post provides some value to you about Bihu foods. However, there are too many other things eaten on these occasions, which I did not mention you above but I think, will soon write a long article on it.

By-the-way, did you enjoy it?

If you do then please make a comment below and help us to be motivated to write more for you.


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