5 Assamese Vegetarian Recipes


The culture of different regions, make peoples lifestyle different; it also impact on people’s food habit and as a result, we get different food verities of different regional peoples.

Friends to today I will be sharing with you 5 amazing vegetarian recipes of Assamese culture. I hope, it will fill your heart full of happiness.

Assamese Vegetarian Recipes

1. Aloo Pitika: – Aloo Pitika is a favorite dish Assam’s Goan area people. Usually, potato is the chief ingredient to make it (Aloo means potato).

To prepare it, first of all, we need some fully boiled potatoes and then mashed it with onions, coriander leaves, salt, pepper, and a little bit mustard oil.

This is the simple step for making Aloo Pitika.

[If you are a non-vegetarian then you can add boil eggs too]


2. Kosu Hakor Bhaji: – Actually ‘Kosu Hak’ means taro leaves. Usually, people use Kosu to make soup with pulse (Dali), but my friend, we also can eat it by making like Bhaji.

To make this we don’t too many ingredients, just arrange some taro or Kosu around your house and some tomatoes and potatoes.

That’s all.

Just cook it and have it with Ukhuaa Chawal or Brown rice and tell me later how it feels.


3. Aloo aru Dhekia Hakor Bhaji: – In 80 percent of Assamese vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes potato is the king vegetable among all.

It is also used in Dhekia Hakor Bhaji. ‘Dhekia Hak’ means ‘Fiddle Farm Head’. It is a portion of healthy ironic food.


4. Tita Kerela Bhaji: – Most of the people don’t know how to cook Tita Kerela in a proper way; therefore their children hate this vegetable a lot.

So to cook this dish, first of all, you need to cut the Kerela’s into very thin and small pieces then leave dipping it in water for 3 to 4 hours.

Now, you need to fry those pieces with garlic (use a little more) and some onions [don’t forget to use one potato with it].

Now, serve your children and will tell me, do they hate it again or not?

I think their concept of Tita Kerela will completely be changed.


5. Bengana aru Bilahir Pitika: – It is also a very simple but tasty dish. To prepare it, first, you need to set Bilahi and Bengana on fire and let it to completely be cooked.

After cooking completed mashed it with onion, salt, and coriander leaves, now have it with rice.

That’s all.


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