Assamese Sweet Recipes


Sweet’s are always closer to our heart, no matter how older we are but one main thing which is 100 out of 100 percent true is that we all love sweets.

Hey friends how are you?

I hope you are fine. Today I will be sharing with you 3 most delightful sweet recipes of Assamese culture.

I hope, it will make you happy.

Assamese Sweet Recipes

Assamese Sweet Recipes

3 Most Delightful Assamese Sweet Recipes

1. Narikol aru Guror Laru: – Narikol aru Guror Laru is basically a mixed recipe of cocoanut and Jaggery.

In this recipe, at very first the cocoanut is mashed very softly and then the mashed cocoanut is cooked with Jaggery.

This beautiful mixture gives this dish a very delightful flavor in our mouth. After cooking completed, it puts off from the stove and then makes some circular sweets from it.

Yesterday my mother made this dish for our guest. Believe me, this is so amazing. (Watch the picture below)

Narikolor laru aur guror laru, Assamese Sweet Recipes

Narikolor laru aur guror laru

2. Tel Pitha: – Tel Pitha is another a beautiful dish of Assamese cuisine. This Pitha is one of the types of different Pitha’s cooked on special occasions in Assam.

Generally prepared with mashed rice, Jaggery, and Mustard or Refine oil; at very first rice is sprinkled in water and kept for some time.     

After rice becomes soft then mashed it in a grinder or rice mills. Now it’s ready to go for the next step.

Pour some water and prepare a very soft mixture of Mashed rice and Jaggery. Make some Tikki from the mixture.

Its ready go in deep Mustard oil, just fry it until becoming Browne. After frying it, just put off one by one and leave it to come in room temperature.

Now, just serve your family or friends with cups of tea. [Enjoy].

Tel Pitha

Tel Pitha

3. Mithoi: – Mithoi is another an awesome dish that I love personally. How to prepare it?

The same ingredients you will need to prepare this dish like Tel Pitha, except oil but cooking processes are quite different.

First, you will need some soft mashed rice and some Jaggery

(If you want then you can use some Iliahi, butter, long for extra texture)

Now in the cooking, put all the Jaggery in a dripping pan and cook it until it melting completely.

[Remember to keep rolling the Jaggery continuously]    

After the melting completed add the soft mashed rice with it and mix these two ingredients completely.

Now put off the dripping pan from the fire and let it be a little cool but don’t let it come in room temperature.

Now your Mithoi dish is ready to come in shape, prepare some round tikki’s and have it with a cup of tea or coffee.

That’s all.

[In older days before 10 to 20 years ago, Mithoi is only prepared in Janmashtami days but nowadays there is no rule for making this sweet dish in Assamese society].



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