Assamese Pitha [7 Awesome Verities]


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This is Bihu season, it means the season of different verities of food and dancing.


Therefore here we are today for you with a foodie post.

Guess what?

Yes, it’s the Assamese Pitha recipes.

Here in the below, we will share with you 7 awesome verity of Pitha’s recipe, usually cooked during Bihu days in the Assamese society.

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Tel Pitha, Assamese Pitha recipes

7 Awesome Pitha Recipes of Assamese

1. Tel Pitha: – ‘Tel’ is an Assamese word, which means oil. Especially Tel Pitha is cooked in deep mustard or refines oil.

If you are an Assamese person then you don’t need to know but if you are not then you need to know that Pitha is a type of flour, which is made by mashing rice grains.

In the process, first the mashed rice is mixed with water and Jaggery; then later fried it in deep oil.

Usually, Tel Pitha is prepared with Bora rice flour (Because it tastes good).

This is the simple process for making it, you can even try it yourself at home [OK].  


2. Til Pitha: – Simply we can call it, a type of rice flour roll; where Jaggery, Mashed Cocoanut, and black sesame seeds or Til filled inside.

There are too many different ways to make this dish but only two methods, which are very popular.

The 1st method is traditional and very simple. In this method, the Pitha is cooked only using black sesame seeds and Jaggery.

In the 2nd method, with these three ingredients, mashed cocoanut is also added. However, this technique is not so old but it became popular with a very short period of time. 

I also loved the 2nd type very much and you? {Let me know, ok} 

Til Pitha

3. Nangol Dhua Pitha: – Nangol Dhua Pitha is especially related to agricultural activities.

Ok, I will explain to you a bit, how?

Actually ‘Nangol’ is an Assamese word which consists of an agricultural ‘Equipment’ and ‘Dhua’ means ‘Wash’.

If we say in one single sentence then it means the end of agricultural work for the whole season.

In our society, Nangol Dhua Pitha is usually eaten after finishing agricultural activities for the whole season.

The cooking process of this recipe is also very unique, where first rice flour is mixed with water, milk, Jaggery and then it is wrapped with banana leaves.

At last, it boiled in water for 20 to 30 minutes duration.

That’s all, now it becomes ready to eat. [Are you hungry?]


4. Bhurbhuri Pitha: – This is a quite unique name ‘Bhurbhuri’ but do you know my friend as well as it is unique to listen; it is also one of the most tastier Pitha’s among all.

By-the-way, I would like to inform you, why it got the name ‘Bhurbhuri’?

Actually, the looks and the shape of it giving the particular name; watch the picture below and imagine yourself, isn’t it a suitable name for this………….

[We can also make ‘Bhurbhuri’ by using wheat flour too]

Assamese Pitha recipes

5. Hutuli Pitha: – Probably many of us don’t know that Tel Pitha and Hutuli Pitha both are almost the same, except a little difference.

Do you get it?

Yes, the shape; the shape is the main reason or difference between these two verities.

In one hand Tel Pitha looks like the round moon and Hutuli looks like a ‘Hutuli’.

For your kind information, I would like to tell you that Hutuli is a traditional musical instrument of Assamese society.

In other sides, both are almost same.


6. Kecha Pitha: – Nor fried and neither boiled, Kecha Pitha is a type of food which is eaten directly by mixing rice flour, Jaggery and milk.

It is especially used in different types of religious occasions in Assamese society. Such as Lakshmi Puja, Aai Hobah, Janmashtami, etc.

[We can also define it as an occasional food]


7. Sungat Dia Pitha: – From the taste, this is almost the same as Nangol Dhua Pitha but a little bit different from the smell. The smell of Bamboo makes it greedier than others.


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