Assamese Marriage Food Menu


Probably there is a plan running at your home for someone’s marriage that is why you are coming here to see Assamese marriage food menu.


If it does then you don’t worry my friend, I am here to help you.

Here in the below, I shared a menu of different foods, which could be compatible with your thought; if you use it properly.

I hope it will help a bit to make your own.


8 Verities of Food for an Assamese Marriage

Assamese Marriage Food - Pork Curry

1. Pork Curry: – Most of the people of today’s Assam love pork meat, so you can use this recipe as a hosting food for your guest.

Assamese Marriage Food Menu with Mushroom

2. Mushroom: – Mushroom is another resource of protein. As well as it is tasty, it’s also a portion of healthy food.

But in Assam most of the village area people still believe that it could be poisonous, so they think -it’s better to stay away from eating this.   

By-the-way, area wise people believes are different, so if you belong to a society where people are well educated and have some knowledge on Mushroom’s then you can use it in marriages, without any problem.

[Caution: Be careful, don’t eat Mushrooms from anywhere]


3. Rice

Assamese Marriage Food Menu - Beson Pokoda

4. Beson Pokora: – People love Beson Pokoras, so you can make this. Generally, Beson, oil, Pumpkin, Papaya and Branjil’s are used to cook this salty snake.  

Chicken Curry Dish Assam

5. Chicken Curry: – If you can afford then prepare local chicken curry dish but if your budget is limited then use Broiler chicken meat to prepare it. [Broiler chicken dish is very common in Assamese marriages]

Mixed Vegetable Dish

6. Mixed Vegetable Dish: – Use French green beans, Cauliflower, Tomatoes, Potatoes and make a colorful recipe that looks and tastes good.

Pulse or Dal Soup

7. Pulse or Dal Soup

Vegetable Salad

8. Vegetable Salad: – Don’t forget to care for your guest’s health, prepare some salad with healthy green veggies. 


I hope your guest will love these dishes.


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