Assamese Dal Recipe


Do you love pulse or Dal?

It is one of the healthiest food with high Protein and Carbohydrate. Don’t worry; I don’t forget yet that it is also tastier.

Bye-the-way friend, today I will be sharing with you some Dal recipes traditionally cooked in the Assamese society.

Do you want to know that?

Ok then, here in the following I shared three beautiful recipes that you can cook easily through a traditional Assamese way.

So friend, are you ready?

Assamese Dal Recipe, Mati Kanduri, Magur Mass, Kon Bilahi and Mosur Dali

1. Mati Kanduri, Magur Mass, Kon Bilahi and Mosur Dali: – Today morning my mother cooked this recipe. At first, I thought this would not be so tastier but when I tasted it.

Oh, I can’t tell you how delightful it really is.

You don’t need to spend too much money to taste it. Just find some Mati Kanduri and Kon Bilahi (small tomato) around your house [you will easily get Mati Kanduri] and one Magur Mass (Catfish).

The process is very simple; just cook it as other Dal recipes you cook but one thing to remember you need to fry the fish into deep mustard oil first.


2. Khutura Hak and Mosur Dali: – Generally our Assamese people don’t eat Dal as other people eat it in different parts of India. Our recipes are very simple and healthier.

Here another one is Khutura Hak and Mosur Dali recipe.

Ok, friend, Khutura Hak is also a wild plant generally grows around our houses and found easily.

To make this recipe, you don’t need to use any oil or fish like Mati Kanduri and Mosur Dali recipe.

Just use some water, salt, Khutura Hak and Mosur Dal and cook for half an hour; the Dal dish is ready. [You can use some extra Kon Bilahi for better taste]

This Khutura Dali recipe is quite compatible with Ukhuaa Chawal or Brown rice.

We generally have on Sundays morning with our family.

Assamese Recipe of Dal, Khutura Hak and Mosur Dali, Kosu Hak (Taro) and Mati Maah

3. Kosu Hak (Taro) and Mati Maah: – Kosu Hak and Mati Maah recipe have an emotional effect in the Assamese society.

I am an Assamese and I can tell you that it is the tastier Assamese Dal recipe ever. However, it is controversial is it good for health or not.

But I have seen till the date, the people of society don’t care for their health when this dish comes in front of them.

Bye-the-way to cook this dish you need to collect some Kosu Hak or Taro around your house [easily founded] or you can buy from the market.

Next, you need some Mati Maah. If you want then you can use here Magur Maas also.

But remember to add some Bilahi [Small or large], otherwise, it will little bit itch on your throat.


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