Assamese Biya Naam


Assamese Biya Naam is especially marriage songs. Women of the Assamese community sing these folk songs during the time of someone’s marriage in society.

Mainly there are two types of Biya Naam’s, here one is called ‘Gohin’ and another is called ‘Ruchipurna’.

[‘Gohin’ and ‘Ruchipurna’ both are the Assamese words, here Gohin consist the meaning of gentle, courteous and on the other hand Ruchipurna consist pleasure centric]

Assamese Biya Naam

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Gohin Biya Naam’s are especially old story-centric. Here the Namoti’s (singers) tell the old love stories of Rama-Sita, Rukmini-Krishna through their songs.

But on the other hand, ‘Ruchipurna’ Biya Naam’s are not like old story-centric. Therefore these ‘Ruchipurna’ geet’s are also called as ‘Jura Naam’.

Through these Jura Naam’s, the Namoti’s try to show the love between new bride and brome through their joke centric songs.

An example of Biya Naam (In the Assamese language): –

“Aam mole thupa-thupi, kadam mole haali

Beir majot podma jole, meghe dhale pani.”  


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