Assamese Ainaam


Ainaam is also a type of traditional folk songs of Assam. Generally, these songs are sung when someone suffers through pox disease in society.

People of Assamese society belief that Pox disease is a disease, which happens to someone due to the anger of seven Devi’s. In the Assamese language, these seven Devi’s are called ‘Aai’.


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To satisfy these seven ‘Aai’, the people of the family (who suffer from the pox disease) organize a program. In the program, they invite 7 older women to sing ‘Ainaam’.

People believe, if they will follow this ritual then the seven ‘Devi’ will be satisfied with them and they will leave their body of the sicked.

An example of Ainaam (In the Assamese language): –  

“Xai vastu diu matri hei vastu suwa.

Apunaar name matri apuni hontukh hua.”




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