Poultry Farm in Assam


A lot of people in Assam want to start their poultry farm business. As a small business, it is one of the most popular and fast-growing small industries in this north-eastern state.

Because of high unemployment ratio, most of the youth obliged to do something by themselves own, instead of waiting for the government doing something miracle.

Here, is how poultry farming is growing like a bullet business in this region.

Do you know, though its youth want to be professionals in this field but sometimes because of some unwanted obstacles they are being stopped by an unseen power?

In this post, we will explore some potentialities and problems of doing poultry farming in Assam. So, first of all, let’s discuss its potentialities.

Poultry Farm in Assam


Poultry Farm in Assam- Potentialities

1. The growth of Non-Vegetarianism: – Today it is tough to get found a person who doesn’t like to eat meat and eggs. Maybe among 80 out of 100 people are non-vegetarian on this planet.

I would like to inform you that Assam is a state where the highest number of people from tribal communities and they are very familiar with non-veg foods.

Therefore there is a very vast market space available for poultry farmers to grow their business in the future.

Although people thought it as a low-class business model; but I think, this poultry farming business has a bright future, because people never stop eating.

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2. Unemployment Level: – Assam has been carrying the highest number of unemployed people in its north-eastern region.

There are around 25 lakhs of youth in the state who are passing their times as unemployed. Therefore to do something or start a small business for self-dependence, poultry farming is the best way that I think about.

Most of the people think poultry farming is low-class work but do you know there is a poultry farmer in Bongaigaon district who has around 45,000 layer birds.

And every day from these 45,000 birds, he produces more than 40,000 eggs. We can imagine how much money he makes every day from it. This is really inspiring.

layer poultry farm in assam

3. The growth of Industrialization: – Basically what are the main equipment necessary to start a poultry farm?

There are so many companies in Assam’s different areas like Tinsukia, Guwahati, Jorhat etc, where things are produced related to poultry farming.

In the past around 15 to 20 years ago, poultry products were not produced in Assam. These are needed to be imported from somewhere, such as Kolkata.

But today, for the growth of industrialization people are being able to use these things like Poultry feeds, pullets and other things at nearer to their homes or farms.

Therefore growth of poultry farming companies will definitely impact on the growth of the industry in Assam.

Poultry Farm in Assam – Problems, potentialities

Poultry Farm in Assam – Problems

1. Lake of Proper Training: – To become skilled in a particular working field everyone needs some experience and some training.

But what will happen if we start a business, where we have no such experience and working skill? Maybe 99% of people will lose their money.

This is the same thing, which is happening with Assam’s small poultry entrepreneurs. Most of them are not well trained and for taking a training or premium course they have not enough money.

This is why when they start it; most of them are failed.   

This is the first problem, I personally think about. What do you think? If you agree with me then write ‘yes’ and if no then write ‘no’ in the comment box below.


2. The problem in Social Stats: – ‘I am a graduate student and I am doing work in my poultry farm’- What other people will think about me? It will completely ruin my social stats.

What do you think about this mentality? I think this is complete bullshit. Most graduates are still unemployed in Assam, who thinks poultry farming is a low-class work.

[We need to ask ownself if we care for other people’s thinking then who will care for our future]  

They even go furthermore than this and think, it is better to live as unemployed rather than doing such work like poultry farming. But do you know this not the truth, the way our people think about?

If we want to be rich then we have to leave and kick off all these social thinking’s and build ourselves like revolutionary entrepreneurs, who will change the traditional mindset of our society.


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