Population Growth in Assam


Rapid population growth creating so many difficulties in Assam; let me give you a short survey report of 2001. According to the survey report of 2001, the state population was around 2,60,66000. But in 2006, it changed dramatically. In 2006, it reached up to 2, 80, 66000. We can calculate, within 5 years it raised around 20 lakh population more.

It was more shocking than the report of 2001 and 2006 when the year 2011 survey report revealed. In 2011 the state population reached up to 3, 40, 17000. It is horrible to look at the population growth of the state because in the future this motion will create so many problems for Assam.

Friends, every problem has some reasons and impacts. To solve that particular problem first we have to understand what its main causes are. Therefore in this article, we will try to understand what are the main causes of population growth in Assam and then its impacts.

 So, let’s do this.

Causes of Population Growth in Assam

Causes of Population Growth in Assam

1. Illegal immigration: – Illegal immigration is a major issue, which is still unsolved and that is why Assam has been suffering from this fever from a very long time.

In 1972, West Pakistan Army started torturing East Pakistan’s general public and that is why those occupants started migrating to India’s north-eastern part (especially Assam and Tripura).

Bangladesh was born after the war between India and Pakistan but the migration that took place during the war, however, never ended. On the contrary, it went even further.

 And today, we have seen the impact of it. Assam population growing dramatically every day and every year.

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2. Vote Bank Politics: – If the government wants, they will not have much difficulty in resolving the problem of illegal repression. But an obstruction arises here.

Actually, political parties and governments are trying to use these Bangladeshi immigrants for their vote bank interest. That is why, though they can but they don’t want this problem to be solved.

Other ways, it will not be so wrong, if we say- Indian and Assam state government has been playing a major role in the population growth of Assam.


3. The greed of Natural Recourses and Business: – Friends I want to tell you that the way migration happening to Assam from outsider countries of India, similarly it is also happening from other insider states of India too.

Let me tell you that this internal migration is happening due to the greed of natural resources and the convenience of trade in Assam. Apart from the external countries of India, internal immigration is also responsible for the growth and the change of Assam’s population structure.

Population Growth in Assam

Impact of Population Growth in Assam

1. Impact on Culture: – Due to this migration in the state of Assam, the traditional cultural components are started to declining. In the past, Assamese cultural values got the first priority in Assam, but now it is gradually falling apart.

The main reason is the convention of different types of cultural values. At one time, more than 80% of the people of this state were Assamese, but now many other people have also been involved. Therefore it is very common for coming changes in culture.


2. Impact on Employment: – The problem of unemployment in Assam is already in a fierce state. There are more than 25 lakhs of people are still unemployed here. On the other hand, the migration is increasing day by day. What people do, if job opportunities will not increase?

If it happens in the very same way then this unemployment problem will go so far. 


3. Political Decision Making: – All rights can be protected by political capacity. But today Assam’s local residents are losing its old political powers. Why? The same answer ‘illegal immigration’. Today Assamese remained only 48% in their own land, which is really not so good.


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