Origin of Assamese Language


Just as every language in the world has its own sources of origin, similarly, Assamese language has also different unique sources of origin.

These Genesis sources have some very deep contribution to the development of this rich language and the culture based on it.

Because without the sources, the evolution is not possible at all. 

Friends, this article will help us to get some question answers related to the Assamese language [step by step].

Such as its history, old form and the family, etc.

I hope it will fulfill your need for a lot of facts.

Origin of Assamese Language

From which language family Assamese is born from?

The Assamese language is born from the Indo-Aryan family.

But friends, it will not be so true, if we say Indo-Aryan family is only the source of Assamese language.

Because the Austric and Mongolian influences also have a great extent in it.

Such examples like – Austric influence – Kokai (elder brother), Bou (sister in law) and kepeta (Hunting material).

Mongolian influence – Dihing, Dichang, Mekong (Rivers), Namphake, Taiphakey (Places).

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Assamese Language Sample

Why this language originated from the Indo-Aryan family?

At very first Austric ethnic people lived in the land of Assam. [This is a bit controversial from where and where they came from]

But later when Mongolian’s arrived at the land, they started to make up their domination over this Austric ethnic people.

The reason is, that Mongolian’s were more powerful than them.

After the Mongolian’s, the Indo-Aryan people entered in Assam from the northern part of India.

The language and the culture of these people were of very high standard and also they were expert in war skills.

Over time they started their dominance over the Mongolian’s and Austric people.

Because of which, in spite of less human numbers, their language gradually spread on the entire Assam land.

On the other hand, the Aryan language had the privilege of the officials too; this is the reason for which the Aryan language itself had established its dominance over the people already living.


How has it born from Aryan Language?

The Aryan was a very powerful language, but over time, it also lost its own unique independent identity.

Mixing together with the old languages of Assam, It was taken a new form.

Did you know, what is the name of it? 


This new form was known as ‘Magadhi’ or ‘Kamrupi Prakrit’ at that time.

Later, the development of Assamese started from this same Kamrupi Prakrit.

If you want, you can read Charyapad’s for its proof, because the last demonstration of the Kamrupi Prakrit’s was written in this ‘Charyapad’s

There you can see some inference of the Assamese language.



Assamese language history is too vast; this is just an abstract of it.

If you know something more than we shared here then you can join in our conversation by commenting below.

We will definitely reply to you on it.

Thank you so much.


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