Charyapada and Assamese Language


The relationship between Assamese language and Charyapada is like a thing, without which we cannot even study the history of the Assamese language.

Do you want to know, why?

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Charyapada and Assamese Language

Charyapada and Assamese Language Relationship

Before the beginning era of the Pre-Sankari period, there was no literature written proof found of the Assamese language. Charyapad’s were the first demonstration, where we found to see the very first sign of the Assamese language.

[Pre-Sankari period means the time before Sankardeva, 10th to 14th century]

In the Pre-Sankari era, in the composition of Madhav Kandali’s, we can see deeply the demonstration of this language first. Friends, you may be thinking, Was there nothing written of the Assamese language before the Charyapad’s?

I can’t exactly say but I think, it was. According to some intellect at that time (10th to 13th century) people were not so conscious to preserve their linguistic property. Therefore due to some reasons, all these were destroyed over time.

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Who Composed Charyapad’s?

Charyapad’s were the composition of 24 Buddha ‘Siddhacharya’s’ of Nepal and Tibet. According to some historical aspects, many of these ‘Siddhacharya’s’ were belonged to ancient Kamrup.

Therefore ‘Kamrupi Prakrits’ were included in the Charyapad’s’ and as we know these ‘Kamrupi Prakrits’ were the forefathers of the Assamese language.

[If you want to know about, how Kamrupi Prakrit’s born then you can read my another article: – Origin of Assamese language].


The First Discovery of Charyapad’s

In 1907 for the very first time, ‘Haraprasad Shastri’, one of the intellects of Bengali literature discovered these Charyapad’s from a library of the court of Nepal’s kingdom.

Do you know, apart from the Assamese there are so many other languages demonstration that we can see in the Charyapad’s. They are such as Bengali, Oriya, Bihari, Sylheti and many other Indo-Aryan languages.



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