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Borgeet, The holy songs of Assam, Songs celestial

What is Borgeet?

Borgeet’s are some devotional holy songs of medieval Assam, where Lord Krishna or Vishnu is praised by singing these holy songs.

All the Borgeet’s were composed by two great scholars of Assam, here one is Mahapurusa Srimanta Sankardeva and another is his obedient pupil Mahapurusa Srimanta Madhavdeva.

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Can Borgeet’s be composed again?

The answer is simply a big ‘No’. But why?

Actually, when Mahapurusa Srimanta Sankardeva and Madhavdeva composed these holy songs, they didn’t themselves recognize these all songs as ‘Borgeet’.

After their death, their pupils named these all holy songs as Borgeet’s. Their pupils only did it to show their respect to these two great scholars.

Today if someone wants to compose holy songs like Borgeet’s then they can do this without any obstacle, but their compositions will not be recognized as Borgeet in the future.


Which is the subject matter of Borgeet’s?

As I mentioned you on the above, Lord Vishnu or Krishna is the main subject matter of these holy songs.

Here I will not go so deep but one thing wants to tell you that all these activities or compositions are the part of Neo-Vaishnav culture.


Which is the holy song, considered as the very first Borgeet?

Composed by Srimanta Sankardeva in 1490 “Man Meri Ram Charanehi Lagu” is the first Borgeet ever.

According to some intellect, Sankardeva composed it in ‘Bodorikashram’, when was in the period of pilgrimage.


Which is the principal language of Borgeet?   

All these holy songs were composed in Brajavali language. Brajavali belongs to the Indo-Aryan language family.


How many total numbers of Borgeet’s composed by Sankardeva and Madhavdeva?

There is no exact number of Sankardeva composition found till the date. According to some sources like Wikipedia, there were about two hundred and forty Borgeet’s composed by Sankardeva.

But one day someone named ‘Kamala Gayan’ took his composition to somewhere for a religious purpose, when most of the compositions were destroyed by fire.

Later Among his 240 Borgeet’s, only 30 remained alive in the mouth of other scholars. This incident made Sankardeva so sad therefore later he told his obedient pupil Madhavdeva to compose Borgeet’s by himself.

Madhavdeva composed about 100 Borgeet by himself own.


The quotes of modern intellects on Borgeet’s
  • Dr. Banikanta Kakoti – Noble numbers.
  • Kaliram Medhi – Sons celestial.



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