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7 Popular Vegetables of Assam, tomato

7 Popular Vegetables 

1. Tomato: – Assam’s fertile land is very compatible for tomato cultivation. I also love planting vegetables. Last year I plant over 300 tomato plants and believe me, I cultivated over 100 kg of tomatoes from those 300 plants.

[In Assamese tomato called ‘Bilahi’]

Each year during winter season [November-April] Assamese cultivators produces tons of tomatoes in their agro fields.

Some very special facts that you will love to know about tomatoes: –   

  • First originated in South America.
  • Did you know there are total 10,000 verities of tomatoes around the world?
  • Vegetable family: – Solanaceae.
  • It has verities of colors like red, yellow, purple, orange, pink, burgundy etc.


2. Capsicum: – Capsicum is a type of pepper, from Solanaceae family. But as we know it does not taste as tart as a real chili.

Capsicum is eaten like a pure vegetable. Assam weather and fertile land are also compatible with producing this rich green vegetable.

[Called ‘Hak khua Jolokia in Assam’]

Bye, the way as I have to tell you that accept this common green color it is also founded in many other colors too.

They are like red, yellow, orange and many more. It is a seasonal vegetable, generally grows in cold weather.

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Carrots production in Assam

3. Carrots: – Do you love to eat carrots? I also love to do. In Assam, it is eaten as a vegetable and also as a healthy salad but most of the people don’t know that it can also be eaten like a dessert too.

[Carrot called Gajar in Assam]

Yes, one of the most popular desert name made with carrots is ‘Gajar Ka Halwa’.

If you have not ever tasted it until now, then I think you will not even be able to imagine, how tastier it really is. Believe me and try it once.

Did you know, the carrot is very good for pregnant women and little kids but hey wait one thing you should remember?  

Though it is good for gaining blood in the human body, overeating can birth parasites. Therefore be careful.

Did you know: – Carrots were not orange in very earlier, in very first it was in purple and yellow colors. Its orange version is not organic, it is a cross version that we use to eat today.

Brinjal assam

4. Brinjal: – Originated in South Asia and South Africa, it is another one of the most famous vegetables in Assam. It is founded generally in two main colors, here one is common dark purple and another is white.

[Brinjil called ‘Bengana’ in Assam]

Did you know: – Brinjal, tomato, and potato all three are from the same genus family, which is Solanum.Papaya cultivation in assam

5. Papaya: – Sweet like fruit and tastier like a dish, Papaya is grown in sub-tropical agro areas in the world. Do you papaya has its medicine virtue? This virtue helps patients who suffer from piles problems.

[In Assamese language Papaya called ‘Amita’]

Things to know about Papaya: –

  • Originated in southern Mexico and Central America.
  • Scientific name: – Carica Papaya.

6. Cauliflower: – Called ‘fulkobi’ in Assamese it is also a seasonal crop of Assam. Gen

cauliflower agriculture in assam

really grows in the winter season. But nowadays people starting to do it in the spring season also [By using different methods].

Genus family: – Brassica.


7. Cucumber: – It is a vegetable generally cultivated during the spring season. Cucumber grows in a vine plant. It has three common verities, one is slicing, another is pickling and the last is seedless.

Cucumber is generally eaten by making dishes and salads.

Vegetable family: – Cucurbitaceae.

Its scientific name: – Cumcumis sativus.


Other Green and Leafy Vegetables of Assam

  • Laihak
  • Paleng
  • Dhania
  • Bondha Kobi
  • Khutura
  • Mati Kanduri
  • Bhedai Lota
  • Maan Dhania
  • Mithamora
  • Tengachi
  • Dal Kochu
  • Kolmou
  • Tengamora
  • Rongalaur Aag
  • Morisa
  • Brahmi Hak
  • Dhekia
  • Mosondori etc.


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