Tea Tourism in Assam [2019]


Tea Tourism is a new concept in Assam and it is needless to say Assam is famous around the world for two of its main causes. One is its unique one horn rhinoceros and another is tea.

But why this North-Eastern state is so famous for tea? Do you want to know about it?


We also do feel proud to say, Assam is the leading state in tea production in India and also will be the number one in the world within a few years.

Do you know this state alone produces 57% of whole India’s tea? It feels sometimes really shocking. Because this state is too backward in technical sides, how they can make it possible with human laboring?

This is really appreciated able. 

Friends, in this post we will experience the concept of tea tourism in Assam. I hope you will love it.

Tea Tourism in Assam

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Prospect of Tea Tourism in Assam

As I mentioned you above Assam is the leading state of producing this green crop. It alone produces 57% of the whole of India’s tea, which leads the whole country to rank on 2nd position in the global ranking.

There is also a great potentiality with it that within a few a year’s India will move to 1st position. And in here Assam will take the main leading role.

You should know at the present Republic of China is in number one position of producing this good. But seeing the rapid growth in tea production in Assam, it feels China will lose its 1st rank very soon.

According to a report of 2014, there were 760-765 largest tea estates and 1,00000 -1,10,000 small tea gardens in Assam. And of course at present we are in 2019, maybe the quantity increased more and more.

Now, you can understand yourself how much potentialities it really has.

Prospect of Tea Tourism in Assam

Why Tea Tourism Will Be Successful in Assam?

Tea tourism is completely a new concept but it becomes so popular within a very short period of time. Tea gardens are beautifying the state’s natural beauty more and more. So, tourist loves to visit here and experience the beauty of its beautiful gardens.

On the other hand, Assam is so rich in natural beauty, where every year thousands of tourist come here to see the unique one horn rhinoceros and other natural components. So, these types of factors will definitely increase the potentialities of tea tourism success in Assam in the future.


List of Beautiful Tea gardens in Assam

  1. Cinamora
  2. Singlou
  3. Tingalibaam
  4. Sonapur
  5. Joonaktali
  6. Monohari
  7. Joya Bagan
  8. Teloijaan
  9. Monabari


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