Small Scale Business in Assam


Small scale business is one of the most popular concepts in Assam at present. Why? , because most of the highly educated youths are still unemployed in the state and on the other hand they have no big money to go for big.

So, what to do?

The best idea at present is to start a small business. Hey everyone are you looking for the same stuff?

If you do then this post will definitely be helpful for you. Here in this post, I will share with you 3 awesome small scale business ideas that you can start at a very low cost in Assam.

So, let’s right dive in…………..

 Small Scale Business in Assam

3 Small Scale Business Ideas in Assam

1. Tea Business: – I am not suggesting you start a large tea industry or vast garden, because it costs too much money. But if your family has some own land then you can start a small tea garden.

It does not contain too much money. On the other hand, the Assam government will also provide you with a small subsidy loan for your small business. Because the government has some policies on it help farmers of the state.

The reason behind I suggests you because Assam is the leader in tea producing. It is shocking but true; the state alone produces 57% of whole India’s tea.

Trust me in future the land will grow more in this field.


2. Poultry Farm Business: – Do you like play with chickens and ducks? If you do then you will definitely love this business. There are very a few people, who do not like to eat meat, eggs and other meaty foods. But 95% of people in Assam love to eat meat and eggs. You can start a poultry farm business from scratch.

If you start with 300 chickens, you will only need to cost 25000-30000 rupees. This is not so big amount that you can’t afford. Come on you can do this; every business requires some investment, so this is too.

Try to learn, be freely trained by government trainers and do work properly, you will definitely be successful.

Don’t try to make excuse, this is so easy.

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3 Small Scale Business Ideas in Assam

3. Fishery Business: – As I shared you above; you can go for tea gardening or you go for poultry farm but if you are not interested in both of the above then you can also go for fishery business too.

This so sad, but do you know one thing this state has a lot of potentialities to produce more fish to fulfill the population’s need and also can export to other places. But what are they actually doing?

Importing from other states like West Bengal. Here is the secret behind it of your success, if you start a fishery business.

The secret depends on two main pillars. One is less production, which means less competition and other is the demand for local production. So let’s explore both one by one.

The first advantage is- the state owns production is not enough to full-fill its population need. It means there is a big market still waiting for you if you go for it.

The 2nd is the demand for local production. Among the people of Assam, the locally produced fishes have a lot of demand instead of imported. So, you can decide almost monopoly price in the future if you produce it [Fish] locally.



So, I hope you’ll soon start your awesome business. I would love to hear your success story in the future.

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