Problems of Industrialization in North-East India


The problems of industrialization in North-East India are one of the major causes of its less economic development. Do you know North-Eastern region is the richest part in natural resources of Indian union?

But this is so sad, in spite of a lot of natural resources the region is still in a very backward position.

But, why?

This post will going to be quite interesting for us, because here in this post we will discuss 3 major causes or problems of industrialization in North-East India.

So, here it is………

Problems of Industrialization in North-East India

3 major problems of industrialization in North-East India

1. Less Importance by Central Government: – Here is the main deal, political parties and government always care for their own political interest. The regions or states take less importance for them, where they have a less political interest.

The same thing happening at present in the perspective of North-East. Because of fewer seats in the Indian parliament, the ruling party does not care too much for them as they care for other states of the Indian union. 

So, less importance = less investment and less investment = low industrial development.

The List of Parliament seats from North-East

Assam – 14, Arunanchal Pradesh – 2, Manipur- 2, Mizoram- 1, Nagaland- 1, Tripura- 2, Meghalaya-2.

This is so sad.

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2. Leaders Personality Issue: – I am not defining all the leaders are corrupt or low character; of course there are so many good leaders in North-East. But against the good number of leaders, there are also too many bad people leading the region too, they are mostly from political parties.

They are highly corrupt, uneducated and many characterless. How they can lead and think about these heavy issues like industrial development.

So, leaders’ personality is also one of the major causes of less industrial development in North-East India.


3. Technical Skill Problem: – No matter what type of industries are growing but one main thing comes here, which is the technical skill. Each and Every industry requires technical skill but in North-East people are technically very weak.

Because of this technical backwardness investors, little bit hesitates to invest in. On the other hand, if they invest then they will have to hire labors from some other places.

In this case, this process will cost higher. Therefore most of the time investors avoid investing in this region.

The avoidance of investors is a big cause of its low industrial development. So, here people need to be more skilled in technical sides.



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