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Hey, how do you feel about the places to visit in Guwahati? If you are a tour gig then you can’t live your life without visiting different places. Actually, we can understand that it’s your life/your breadth which making you alive.

Here is why by understanding and feeling your emotion today we have brought 7 stunning destinations for you, which are situated in Guwahati. I hope by reading this post you will definitely fall in love with all these destinations.

So are you ready to fall in?…….

Then let’s start to feel from the very first one.

7 stunning places to visit in Guwahati


7 stunning places to visit in Guwahati

1. Kamakhya Temple: – Will you believe me, if I say there is a place in Guwahati where vagina is worshiped. Sounds strange, but true. Actually, this vagina worship tradition comes from a Hindu mythological story.

According to the story when lord Bishnu separated ‘Sati Devi’s’ whole body by his Sudarshan then the part of Devi’s vagina dropped into Kamagiri area [near Nelachal mountain].

The Place where the vaginal portion of the goddess fell, later Kamakhya Temple was built at that place.

Here I will not explain you the whole mythological story but you can read it in the Hindi language by following this link [कामाख्या मंदिर का रहस्य].


2. Guwahati Zoo: – Guwahati zoo or Assam state central zoo is the only zoo in Assam. If you want to see the entire animal’s found in Assam then you can go there and see different types of birds and animals. Such as one horn rhinoceros, tiger, deer, different species of snakes, Parrot, rare species eagles and many more. 

Before two years back I went there with my college friends. Therefore I am recommending you if you have less time but want to tour all the national parks of the state then you can go there and experience all within a very short period of time.


3. Srimanta Sankardeva Kalashatra: – Srimanta Sankardeva Kalashatra is a cultural house where you experience the real Assamese culture from the medieval to the modern period. It is situated in Guwahati’s Punjabari area.

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4. Dispur Koinadhora: – Where is the capital of Assam situated in? Yes, it’s in Guwahati and do you know what the name of it is? As I mention you it is Dispur’s Koinadhora. You also can visit Koinadhora, it is so beautiful.

Once Dispur was a small village, but after bringing the state’s capital from Shilong; this place declared as the capital of Assam. Maybe for security reason, you will not be allowed to get in Koinadhora but you can go Dispur for a tour purpose.


5. Umananda Island: – It is the smallest Island in the chest of Brahmaputra River. The Umananda Island is especially famous for Lord Shiva worship. According to Hindu mythology, here Lord Shiva created a temple for his wife Parvati’s pleasure, which later named Umananda temple.

You can also visit this small but beautiful Island. Here you can see the beauty of the Brahmaputra river and the holy Hindu religious activities. If you will prefer it in future then I recommend you to visit Maha Shivratri. This is the main festival which is widely celebrated in that small island.


6. Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary: – With various species of birds and animals Pobitora is another stunning tourism destination situated in Guwahati. If you want to go there then it will only reach 30 km away from the east area of Guwahati.

Do you know one part of Pobitora comes in Mayong are, which is still famous for different types of magical elements [especially black magic]?

You can go there and experience the beauty of Pobitora’s wild animals and the magical cultural of Mayong.

Best time to visit: – Mayong Pobitora festival [November month 25th to 27th]

Till now, we recognized with 6 places to visit in Guwahati. Ok now, let’s move to the last one.

Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary


7. Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary: – With an area of 78.64 km2 Amchang wildlife sanctuary is the 7th largest wildlife sanctuary in Assam. It falls in the east part of Guwahati city. But wait; only giving you information about Amchang is not enough. I think I have to tell you why you should visit there.

First of all, you will see their 44 different species of mammals, like the capped monkey, flying fox, slow Loris, Asian elephant, Barking deer or Muntjac and many more.

Secondly, you can even see different types of reptiles and snakes, like Indian Cobra, Python, Russell’s viper, and Monitor Lizard. 

And in birds, there are too many colorful birds like greater and lesser Adjutant, Hornbill, Slender Billed Vulture, White-backed vulture, and Imperial Pigeon etc.



Now, I hope you understand how many places to visit in Guwahati. Actually, in this article I am not writing about all places. There are even more tourist destinations at this spot.

On the other hand, it is the doorway of north-east India. Therefore among tourist, it is so popular. I hope you will soon plan your next trip to Guwahati. If you think about it at present then let me know by commenting below.

I really appreciate it.

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indian eagle January 14, 2019 at 7:03 pm

Nice There is scores of awesome places to visit in Guwahati that suit the needs of all types of travelers. For instance, if there are remarkable places to visit in Guwahati for couples, there are equally exciting places for families and friends alike. If you have enough time to spare on your trip, you can check out some awesome weekend places near Guwahati as well. There is simply too much to be covered in just one trip!

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