North-East India Destinations


Can I tell you something, my friend? There are no such beautiful destinations in India like the north-eastern region.

This is the best region ever in India, but how and why?

Do you want to know about it?

Great, because you are exactly in the very right place if you have the same interest.

In this post, I will share with you 3 awesome north-east India’s destinations.

I am almost sure that after recognizing with these 3 destinations you will fall in love with it.

So, let’s bring it on………..

North-East India Destinations3 Beautiful North-East India Destinations

1. Shillong: – So-called the ‘Mini Scotland’ of India, it is the best destination if you are a serial drinker of natural beauty.

If I asked to prefer a place in north-east India destinations tour then my first preference will definitely be Shillong.

It is situated in Meghalaya state [also the capital of it]. Until 1972 Meghalaya was not an independent state.

At that time it was a part of Assam and Shillong was the capital of it.

How to reach:-

  • 104 Km away from the nearest Guwahati railway station. You can go via train or can pick a taxi and bus.
  • There is no direct air transportation service to Shillong. The nearest airport Umroi is 25 km away from the Barapani.

Best Time to Visit: – The whole year is considered the best time to visit this beautiful destination. Shillong natural beauty always has been attracting travel lover people.

Weather: – Cool.



North East Frontier Area or simply NEFA

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2. NEFA: – The North East Frontier Agency or simply NEFA is so-called the geo-heaven as Shilong defined as the ‘Mini Scotland’ of India.

If you have not to visit NEFA till now then to experience it, you can read Mr.Verrier Elwin’s A pilgrimage to Tawang lesson.

There he beautifully describes NEFA’s natural beauty and the cultural elements related to its local inhabitants.

Till 1987 it was a part of ‘Bor Assam’ but in the same years 20 February, it became an independent state and renamed by Arunachal Pradesh.

Things to See in NEFA: –

  • Snowfall.
  • The border between India and China.
  • Beautiful cultures of some communities.
  • Tezu River.
  • Roing, Wildlife sanctuary.
  • Namdapha National Park and many more.

Best Time to Visit: – March to October month.

Weather: – Cool.

Assam famous is one horn rhinoceros


3. Manas National Park: – The one reason, which makes Assam more famous is one horn rhinoceros.

Do you know which national park this unique animal is highly founded?

It is Manas national park.

There are only a few countries on this planet, where one horn rhinoceros is founded.

And among these all, India is in the number one position. Here two main wildlife reserves are famous for it. One is Kaziranga and another is Manas.

Manas national park has the record of observing the highest number of one horn rhinoceros in this planet, on the other hand, it is also the largest National park of Assam.

According to Hindu mythology, the name ‘Manas’ comes from Hindu Godness ‘Mansa Devi’.

Things to See in Manas National Park: –

  • Manas River.
  • The border between Bharat and Bhutan.
  • The Royal Manas National Park [Falls in Bhutan border]

Animals and Birds: –

  • One Horn Rhinoceros
  • Barking Deer
  • Elephant
  • Red Jungle fowl
  • Jungle Owl
  • Deer
  • Great Hornbill
  • Eagle
  • Pelican
  • Bulbuls
  • Tiger

Best Time to visit: – 1 November to 31 April.


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