Moamoria Rebellion


Here we are today with a historical post from Assam history, which is the Moamoria rebellion. We are quite familiar with the word ‘rebellion’ but many of us don’t know, what actually the ‘Moamoria’s’ consist.

Do you know what ‘Moamoria’ consist?

In this post, I will share with you some very brief but some significant information about the ‘Moamoria rebellion’ but before we proceed let’s get recognize with the word ‘Moamoria’.


What is Moamoria?

Answer: – Friend’s I have told that Moamoria was a community, which was formed with two main tribes of Assam. They were Motok’s or Chutiya’s and Moran’s or Kachari’s.

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Against Whom Moamoria rebellion happened?

Answer: – It was a historical revolution against the Ahom kingdom, during the period of 1769 to 1805. Swargadeo Lakshmi Singha was the first king, who faced this rebellion very earlier and ended after 36 long years, in the ruling period of Kamaleswar Singha.


Why This Historical Rebellion Happened?

Answer: – We will not go so deep; simply I can tell you that it was a religious-political revolution against the Ahom rulers.

In the 16th century the great vaishnavite saint Srimanta Sankardeva established his ‘Neo Vaishnav dharma’ and for expansion of this religious belief, he also established too many ‘satras’ in different parts of Assam.

[Especially Koch kingdom]

By following this new belief a lot of people also transformed themselves to this ‘Neo Vaishnav dharma’.

It threatening Ahom king’s because they were Hindu’s. Though ‘Neo Vaishnav dharma’ was a part of the Hindu religion but Ahom considered it as a big political threat of losing control of their kingdom.         

Therefore, taking control of Moamoria’s they did so many injustices to them, such as destroying Satras and invading kingdom’s (Koch), where it was in a very strong position. It really angered Moamoria’s internally but until then it was not openly fired up.

The fire of anger then spread when Bor Roja Phuleshwari Konwari invited Moamoria sattras satradhikar to worship of Hindu Devi. There they forcefully hinge Satradhikar’s by the blood of sacrificed animals.

[Bor Roja Phuleshwari Konwari was the wife of the king Siba Singha]

The rebellion began with this last dishonor. It was so powerful which completely broken down the bone marrow of the powerful Ahom kingdom the also prestige of it. And then later it took 36 long years, to come in control.


What Was The Result of Moamoria Rebellion?
  • Destroyed the spine of Assam’s economy.
  • Political Instability.
  • The collapse of unitary feeling among Koch, Kachari, and Ahom people.


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