Local Fishes of Assam


In this post, we are going to help you to recognize with some popular and some ornamental local fishes of Assam. Here are the list 5 main fishes below: –

Ornamental Local Fishes of Assam

1. Bhangan Fish: – Belongs to Labeo Boga genus, Bhangan is a fish of Cyprinidae family. It is widely spared in the south-east Asian countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Pakistan, and Nepal.

Local Fishes of Assam, common crap in assam

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2. Common Crap: – Common crap is a beautiful ornamental fish of Assam. Generally found in different parts of the world. It was very first originated in the European continent and later spared to different parts of the world like central Asia, south-east Asia, and Caucasus mountain region.

This is a beautiful fish, though people use it for making dishes but some people keep it alive in aquariums also.

Catfish or Magurmaas

3. Magur Maas or Walking Catfish: – Looks like a cat-shaped head this fish species is widely founded in reservoirs, water ponds and lakes of Assam. Do you know why this species is called walking catfish?

Actually, it can walk (Crawling) through a dry land by its wiggling ability, that is why it is called walking catfish. It’s highly founded in different regions of south-east Asia.

Fish family: – Clariidae, Belonging Genus: – Clarias.

Goroi Mass or Spotted Snakehead fish Assam

4. Goroi Maas or Spotted Snakehead: – Simply called ‘Goroi Maas’ in the Assamese language Spotted Snakehead is another popular and high volume fish of Assam. It is very common to get found in freshwater reservoirs, water ponds, and lakes.

Because of the design of the head, it got the name ‘Spotted Snakehead’. It also has another Sub-species, such as ‘Sirika Maas’, ‘Patimutta Maas’, ‘Hol Maas’ etc.

Fish Family: – Channidae, Native: – Countries of Asia and the African continent.

Kawoi Maas or Anabas Testudineus

5. Kawoi Maas or Anabas Testudineus: – Kawoi Maas or Anabas Testudineus is a fish of Anabentidae family. It is also a climbing fish, which can crawl without water from place to another. This is really shocking but did you know Kawoi Maas can live alive for 6 long days without any water and food.

Especially found different regions of China and India.


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