Why Guwahati is Famous For?


Guwahati has too many things, because of which it is famous for. In this post, I will help you know why it is so famous among the people of Assam or India and even among foreigners.

1. The doorway of north-east India: – Guwahati is the doorway of north-east India. As you and I know there are a total of 8 states in north-east India. If someone comes from outside of the region then they have to visit first in Guwahati, because without visiting this place no one can go anywhere in this region.

Therefore among the most north-east visiting foreigners, the Guwahati is a very common word.

Why Guwahati is Famous For


2. Kamakhya Temple: – You may think how a temple can make a place so famous among people? Ok great, I will explain to you why? Actually, Kamakhya is a very unique place of worshiping goodness. Here goodness Kamakhya or Sati’s vagina is worshiped.  

[There vagina shape stone is worshiped in the temple, according to a mythological believe, it is the vagina of goodness sati]

Therefore every year on July month’s Ambubasi festival thousands of people visit this place with a lot of excitement.

If you want to know the secret fact of vagina worshiping then you can read another article in the Hindi language. [कामाख्या मंदिर का रहस्य [STEP-BY -STEP]]

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3. The Capital of Assam: – Many people, especially outsider still think that Guwahati is the capital of Assam. But for their kind information, I would like to tell them that it is not. The actual capital is Dispur, which is situated in this place but the whole Guwahati is not considered as the capital of Assam.

Whatever, it doesn’t matter but the Presence of Dispur and Koinadhora making it as famous as like other two causes.

Guwahati is Famous For


4. The State Central Zoo: – There is only one single zoo in Assam and that is the state central zoo of Guwahati. There you can experience the whole 5 national parks and 18 wildlife sanctuaries of Assam.

Every year, during summer vacation time students around the whole state visits here for their educational and enjoy-mental purposes. If you want to see all the animals and birds of Assam then you go there to experience it.


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