Garampani Wildlife Sanctuary


Are you really crazy about wildlife? and now want something to explore like Kaziranga, Manas, and Dibru Saikhowa?

Hey my friend, If you are really crazy about wildlife then today, I have a very special gift for you which is Garampani wildlife sanctuary.

Are you excited?

Ok, I agree that this gift is not physical but believe me it will be more than a gift that you can touch or buy in the market.

Because here I am going to share with you some great information about this awesome wild sanctuary of Assam.

I am dam sure that after reading this post it will attract you more and more to visit there for once in your life.

so are you ready my friend?

Let’s do this………

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A Short Introduction about Garampani Wildlife Sanctuary

With an area of 6.05, it is one of the smallest wildlife reserves in Assam.

Do you know in which district it is located in?

Yes, it is located in Karbi Anglong autonomous council.

But it doesn’t matter for us how small or how big it is, most importantly we want to know why Garampani sanctuary is famous for?

Ok, I will explain to you about this, step by step.

Actually, there are two most important causes behind it why it is famous for.

First is, its animal’s and another is its rarest hot water spring and waterfalls.

Now, you may think What ‘Garampani’ word really consists?

So, let’s learn it.

Actually, Garampani is an Assamese word; it meant ‘Hot water’. According to its local people, the word Garampani comes by signifying the place of ‘hot water spring’.

You will be happy to know if you think to visit Garampani soon.

Because if you visit there then you will be able to see another awesome wildlife sanctuary with it, yes this sanctuary is non-other than but Nambor wildlife sanctuary.

Nambor surrounding this spot very closely.

I don’t want to make you boor for so long, so let’s move for looking its animals, birds and other natural resources, which will make your mind more delightful.

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Garampani Wildlife Sanctuary


Animals, Birds, Tress

Animals: – Golden Langur’s and Hillock Gibbons (especially famous), Slow Loris, Leopard cat, Muntjac or Barking deer, Asian elephant, India fox, Chinese Pangolin, Sambar, Jungle cat, Gaur and many more.

Birds: – Eagle, Jungle flow, Dove, Kingfisher, Owl, Hornbill, Pigeons, Pied Myna, etc.

Flora: – Hilikha, Holokh, Nahor, Teak, Shorea robusta, etc.


How to Reach 

As I told you in our other post’s I also love to tell you that this is the age of globalization and digitalization.

We can go anywhere where ever we want to.

Just open the Google map and follow it, you will automatically reach your exact destination.

But suppose you lost the internet connection that you have, what will you do?

Ok, there are too many ways to reach there, such as by asking people, Bla Bla Bla………

For helping you I would like to give some short information that has to remember before visiting Garampani sanctuary.

So, here it is……………

  1. It is located 25 km away from Golaghat.
  2. Nearest airports: – 85 km away from Jorhat airport (Phone0376 231 1456), 55 km away from Dimapur airport (Phone: 03862 243 133)
  3. Coordinates: – 26.42°N 93.725°E, Karbi Anglong.
  4. 35 Km away from the main town of Golaghat.

Best Time to Travel: – From 1st November to 31st December.

How to Reach Garampani Wildlife Sanctuary


My Own Experience

In 2010 I visited Garampani with my villagers, there I had seen the ‘Garampani uh’ or ‘hot water spring’.

It was so good as a wealth of nature. If you want to see it then I will definitely recommend you to go there for once.

It will not cost higher and of course, you will experience a new and beautiful destination in your life.



Now, you reply to me by commenting below, when you will plan your next trip to Garampani?

Make sure to comment below.  


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