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Here in this post, we are going to recognize with 6 most charming flower species of Assam. I hope you will fall in love with these flowers by reading this beautiful post.

So, let’s get started one by one, without getting late.


6 Most Beautiful Flowers of Assam

1. Rose or Gulap: – It is the king of all flowers founded in all over the world. Rose has different verities in different places. In Assam rose called ‘Gulap’ [Gulap is an Assamese word].

Do you know there is a total of 150 different verities of rose around the world? But in Assam there only a few verities are generally founded.

They are like – Rosa Mister Lincoln, Damask Rose, Multiflora Rose, Cabbage Rose, Rosa queen Elizabeth etc.  

Flower family: – Rosaceae.

local flowers of assam

2. Marigold or Narzi: – It is also another beautiful flower founded in Assam. Marigold is a season flower, blooms generally in winter season [From November to April month].

In Assamese language, Marigold called ‘Narzi’. Did you know, this beautiful flower also works as a medicine?

It helps in stopping bleeding due to a cut wound. In Assam, there are only two very special verities of Marigold.

These two verities based on color. One is yellow and the other is orange.

Flower family: – Asteraceae.

marigold in assamese

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3. Hibiscus or Joba: – This beautiful flower plant is very large or tall in size. Joba [Assamese word] or Hibiscus generally grows in tropical, sub-tropical and warm temperature regions.

Because of the sub-tropical weather in Assam, it generally has seen most of the people’s home in the land.

Belonging to ‘Malvaceae’ flower family Joba has verities of colors, such as red, yellow, pink, white and many more.

names of flowers in assam, Hibiscus or Joba

4. Petunia: – Petunia is an American origin flower but it is quite comfortable in the weather of Assam.

It is also a seasonal flower like Marigold and Dahlia. Until now there is no unique name in the Assamese language for this beautiful plant, therefore it is still called ‘Petunia’ by the people of Assam.

Scientific name: – Petunia.

Flower family: – Solanaceae.

Colors: – Sky blue, purple delight, Red, Pink etc.

Flowers of Assam, petunia

5. Aralia: – Actually Aralia is not a flower, it just a plant but if you put it on a tub then it looks much better than flowers. You can plant it on a tub because it looks more beautiful when it grows on it.

Color: – Green and bi-color of green and white.

Family: – Araliaceae.

aralia plant

6. Common Daisy: – Because of the shape of daisy wheel this flower got this name of common Daisy.

It is a European origin flower, which has too many different species. Do you know this small, beautiful flower blooms around the whole year?

Because it is compatible with all weather, Such as tropical, semi-tropical, warm, cool etc.

Scientific name: – Bellis Perennis.

Flower family: – Daisy.

daisy flower in assamese


Now you tell me among these 6 flowers, which flower or plant attracted you most?

Comment below and let me know.


Two Bonus Flowers

Bougan Villea flower

Bougan Villea: – Bougan Villea is a paper flower. Its flowers are very thin and small in size, like paper. Bougan Villea has so many colors, like red, pink, white-pink (Mixed color) etc.

Family: – Nyctaginaceae.

Genus: – Bougainvillea.

flowers found in assam, The April flower

The April flower

The April: – Blooms generally in April month this flower is called ‘April flower’. A beautiful plant with red color.


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