Economic Characteristics of Assam


You might already know that every economy in the world has some of their own unique characteristics; So, Assam does too.

But in case of the state what the heck are they? well. Do you want to know about them?


So, in this post, we will learn 5 most significant economic characteristics of Assam.   

Let’s right dive in……

  1. Agriculture-Based Economy.
  2. Preference in Human Laboring.
  3. Climate Dependency.
  4. Weak Economy.
  5. Corruption.

Agriculture-Based Economy

You may know why Assam economy is based on agriculture. There are two main reasons behind it. One is Brahmaputra and Barak valley’s fertile land and another is its 70% people occupational dependency.

Do you know agriculture in the Brahmaputra valley is not a new occupation? It has been running over a thousand of year’s times. On the other hand, the land is still very backward in industrialization. Therefore most of the states people depending on agriculture for a very long time.

However, modernity started to changing the trend little bit but still 70% of the state population depending upon agriculture.

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Preference in Human Laboring

Actually, it will be wrong if we use the term ‘Preference’ because human laboring is not a fantasy but it is a compulsion. By-the-way I have to tell you that human and animal laboring is more highly used than machinery in Assam. Due to this, the speed and quantity of the production are greatly reduced.

There are too many causes why human labor is used more, they are: –

  1. Slow motion of modernization in some areas of Assam.
  2. Lack of technical skill development.
  3. Lack of Money or economic weakness.


Climate Dependency

The Assam’s economy is mostly dependent on the weather. Depending on the weather, it is cultivated for six months and the other sixth month the land remains without any production.

There are various reasons for its climate dependency, they are: –

  1. Lack of water supply.
  2. Less mechanical convenience.
  3. Lack of scientific knowledge in Agriculture.
  4. Impact of blind believes.


Weak Economy

Do you know that Assam is one of the richest states of India in the natural resources? But even after being so rich in natural wealth, this state comes to the 17th position (2018-19) in India’s economic ranking.

Causes of Assam’s economic weakness: –

  1. High Population.
  2. Low growth of Industrialization.
  3. Corruption.
  4. Natural disasters, such as flood.



Whatever corruption is happening in any country or any state; it affects the person and society everywhere. Do you know that in the case of corruption, Assam is the 5th most brutal state of India?

Every year, Assam loses 1/3 of its economic development through corruption. Therefore corruption is a very big responsible factor to obstruct the economic development of the state.

Three Major causes of corruption in Assam: –

  1. The collapse of morality.
  2. The greed of material perception.
  3. The weak stand of law and justice.

Now, you comment below and let me know what you think about the economic characteristics of Assam.


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