Charaideo Maidam {Short Essay}


Great history never remains hidden. There is also a very great history of the Ahom Empire of Assam, which we know by the name of Charaideo. But today why Charaideo is so famous among the people of Assam?

Do you know that? Yes, the reason for being that place famous is the Maidam’s, ‘The Charaideo Maidam’s’. In this post, we will crack all and everything related Charaideo Maidam’s and its history.

What is the Main Importance of Charaideo?

Did you know my friend; Charaideo was the very first capital of the Ahom kingdom. The first Ahom king Chawlung Sukaphaa established his first capital at this place in 1253 century.

What Are the Charaideo Maidam’s?

Actually, these Maidam’s are the tombs of Ahom kings. Ya, it’s a little bit shocking to look at the sizes but this is absolutely true. In Charaideo the tombs are very beautifully preserved as Maidam’s.

[Maidam is Tai word, which consists tomb]


What is the total amount of Maidam’s in Charaideo?

There were total 150 Maidam’s at Charaideo, which was actually representing 150 Ahom kings. But nowadays, there only 30 Maidam’s are remaining left and reserved by the Archeological department of Assam and India.

It is a matter of great sadness but do you know that people of some bad minds do excavate these places with the greed of getting so many wealth and gold. Because of these works of these bad minded people, the prestige of Charaideo has reduced considerably.  [This is really so sad].


How to Reach Charaideo?

Until 2015 it was a part of Sivasagar district but in the same year’s 15th August Assam’s chief minister Mr.Tarun Gogoi formally declared it as a district of the state.

You can reach there by taking Sonari bus or renting a car or taxi.


Best Time to Visit

The whole year is the best time to visit, but if you want to see the real importance of Charaideo then you can visit there during festival times like Me-Dam-Me-Phi.

I suggest you plan a picnic on 1st January; this will be the best for you. Because too many people gather there during 1st to 10th January. 


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