Bura Chapori Wildlife Sanctuary


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Bura Chapori Wildlife Sanctuary


A Sweet Intro of Bura Chapori Wildlife Sanctuary

Declared as a wildlife sanctuary in 1995, Bura Chapori is a medium range reserved area for protecting some rarest species of birds, animals, and reptiles.

Do you know for which species it is especially famous for?

Yes, it is Bengali Florican. According to the Assam forest department, Bengali Florican is the main or special inhabitant of Bura Chapori wildlife sanctuary.

By the way friend, I have to tell you that this wildlife reserve is located in Sonitpur district of Assam. On the other hand, it is also on the south bank of Brahmaputra River.

[Located 40 km away from Tezpur town]

As I say in the very beginning of this intro, it is a medium range wildlife reserve, which covers a total area only 44.06 km2.

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Some Unknown Fact about Bura Chapori Wildlife Sanctuary

  1. Did you know, Bura Chapori is a part of Lawkhowa wildlife sanctuary? It means if you visit there then with it you also can visit Lawkhowa reserved forest too.
  2. Sometimes people get confused by thinking Lawkhowa and Bura Chapori as same. This confusion is not impossible for the person who visits here for the very first time because the ecology of both wildlife reserves is very same with each other.
  3. Did you know my friend, 60% of Bura Chapori’s reserves are grasslands? Therefore this area is like a heaven for different species of birds and reptiles.
  4. At very first in 1974, it declared as a reserve forest by Assam government. After 21 long years later it came into the position of wildlife sanctuary (1995).  
water buffalo in Bura Chapori Wildlife Sanctuary


Birds, Animals, and Reptiles

If you are a bird lover then it wills definitely proven great for you, because as I told you above it is the heaven for different bird species. Here are the examples of some birds, animals, and reptiles founded in Bura Chapori wildlife sanctuary: –

  1. Birds: – Bengali Florican or Bengal Bustard [Special Inhabitant], Open bills, Teal, Woodcock, White-breasted water hen, Monk Parakeet, and many more birds.
  2. Animals: – Asian elephant, Tiger, Leopard, wild Swine, Indian hog deer, wild water Buffalo etc.
  3. Reptiles: – Vipers, Cobra, Coral snake, Black krait and many more.


Things to Remember Before Visiting
  1. The nearest airport is 10 km away from the main town of Tezpur, which is Halonibari (Salonibari) airport.
  2. The nearest railway station is Rangapara. [Address:1 Thakurbari T.E., Assam 784505]
  3. Best time to visit: – 1 November to 30 April.
  4. Climate: – Semi-tropical, summer days temperature: – 240C to 350 and winter days temperature: – 100C to 200



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