Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary


After a lot of hardship during the whole year, every person wants’ take some rest in his/her life. And for taking this little rest, a tour is the best idea that most people want to implement on.

Hey, everyone are you also tired by doing same kinds old stuff during the whole year? If it does then don’t worry I have a very special medicine for you.

Guess what? Yes, it is Bornadi wildlife sanctuary of Assam. I believe; you love visiting different kinds of beautiful destinations that is why in this post we will explore the Bornadi wildlife sanctuary. I hope it will help you quite a lot for removing your stress.   

Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary


Short Intro on Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary

With an area of 26.22 sq.kms Bornadi wildlife sanctuary is a medium range wildlife reserve of Assam. By sharing Bhutan border it is spared to the great Himalayan foothills.

Do you know in which districts of Assam it is located in? Yes, it’s Udalguri and Baksa district. The most interesting fact about this reserve that most people don’t know is its name.

But what is the main interesting fact behind its name?

Ok, I will tell you the fact. Actually, the name ‘Bornadi’ is a river, flows on the western border. Because the sanctuary located on the bank of the Bornadi river that is why it named by Bornadi wildlife sanctuary.

[In the Assamese language ‘Bor’ means ‘Big’ and ‘Nadi’ means ‘River’]

In 1980 it was declared as a wildlife sanctuary of Assam. Since then the state government body “Department of Environment & Forests” been taking control of it.

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Why Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary is Famous for?

There are two main reasons behind its popularity. First of all Hispid Hare and Pigmy Hog, for protecting the rare Hispid Hare, it declared as a wildlife reserve in 1980. To see two of these small animals tourists come here from different parts of the world.

And the 2nd reason is its natural beauty. As we know this sanctuary spared to the great Himalayan foothills that is why the nature of this wildlife sanctuary is so beautiful. It might be possible that one had no interest in seeing wild animals but to enjoy the natural beauty many people visit here every year.

Why Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary is Famous for


Animals and Birds of Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary

Animals: – Hispid Hare and Pigmy Hog [especially famous], Clouded leopard, Hillock Gibbon, Asian Elephant, Golden Langur, Bison, Pangolin, Tiger, Small Indian Civet, Jungle Cat and many more.

Birds: – Bengal Florican, Hornbill, Kingfisher, Woodpecker, Peafowl, Swamp Francolin etc.


Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary- Best Time to Visit

1 November to 30 April.


Important Information about Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary
  1. Nearest Town Tangla, 35 km away from the reserve. You can reach thereby having a taxi or auto from Tangla.
  2. 150 km away from the nearest airport ‘Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport’ (LGBIA).



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