Zubeen Garg Biography


An artist living in a society is very dear to the common people of that society.

That artist can be a painter or maybe an actor and could possible to be a singer. Whatever, no matters but society always loves and respects them a lot. 

There is a very similar character artist in Assam, who is seriously involved in the minds and heart of the people of the state. 

After the great artist Bhupen Hazarika’s death he is considered as the successor or the leader of the Asomiya artistic world, 

yes, I am talking about the heartthrob of Assam’s youth, who is known by the name of Zubeen Garg. 

In today’s time, Zubeen Garg is trapped in the heart and soul of every person of Assam and especially among youth’s. 

He is a singer, an actor, film producer, director, and an active social worker. 

Some people criticize this person for some of his unusual behavior in public but looking at his good activities these all criticism goes fall down.

Friends do you want to know more about Zubeen’s Garg life story than today in this post I will tell you [Step-by-Step] about the biography of Assam’s legendary singer Zubeen Garg.

So, let’s explore it step-by-step………….

Zubeen Garg Biography


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Early Life of Zubeen Garg Biography

On 18 November 1972, Zubeen Garg was born in Jorhat district

His father was Mohini Mohan Borthakur and mother was Ily Borthakur. His both parents were artists. 

Father Mohini was a writer and a poet and mother was a singer and actress. Those parents’ birth two children, one is Zubeen and another was his younger sister Jonkey Borthakur. 

His sister also was a popular singer at that time. In the majority of times, they both sung together on stage and recording programs. 

There was a program arranged in 2002 at Tezpur where they both were invited to sing in the night program. 

But suddenly a road accident happened where Zubeen lost his younger sister Jonkey. 

After that accident He composed an album in the memory of his loving sister, that album was Xixu (The child).

If we analyzed his educational life then it seemed that his education had not been done in one particular place from the beginning. 

Places like Karimganj, Jorhat, and Tamulpur all where he took formal education. 

He also took admission in B.Boruah College on B.SC stream but he left that out before completed and started to focus on his carrier development. 

In 1992 Zubeen Garg won gold medal in Western Solo festival.

Due to being an artistic family, Garg did not have much trouble with learning music and musical instruments. 

He also gives his parents much gratitude for his present life success. Parents had made every possible attempt’s to fulfill his desire to learn music. 

Because of which he got chances to learn by some master’s musician such as, Romoni Rai, Robin Banerjee. 

From Romoni Rai he learned traditional Assamese music and from Robin Banerjee, he learned Tabla, Harmonium etc. 

For the interest of music, he also completed the learning of Dhol, Guitar, Keyboard and Mandolin at the very early age of life.


Zubeen Garg Marriage Life Biography

Zubeen Garg married a woman in 2002 on 4th February. Her name is Gorima Saikia, she is from Golaghat district and by profession Gorima is a fashion designer.


Zubeen Garg Carrier Biography

Zubeen Garg started his professional career in 1992 when his album Anamika was released for the first time. 

That album was quite a hit. His success motivated him a lot. After that, his Pakhi album, won the heart of the people of Assam, Some songs of the Pakhi album are already sung in some other different regional languages of India. 

Apart from Pakhi, another album Maya was the biggest hit of 2007. Songs like “Maya mathu Maya” is still very popular among Assamese people.

He also has sung a lot in Hindi cinema beside the Assamese music industry. 

His song in the 2006 gangster movie “Ya Ali” was the most anticipated Hindi song of that year. Because of that song, he also got the title of Best Playback Singer by GIFA.


Most popular Assamese songs of Zubeen Garg
  • Maya Mathu Maya
  • Pakhi Pakhi Ei Mon
  • Mayabini Ratir Kulat
  • Endhar Hobo Nuaru
  • Din Jowle Rati Jowle
  • Gane Ki Ane
  • Jonom Jonom
  • Rumal Rumal
  • Mon Jai
  • Dihingor Gora


Hindi songs of Zubeen
  • Ya Ali (Gangstar movie-2006)
  • Dil Tu Hi Bata (Krish 3)
  • Tu Hi Tu Hai (Zindagi Album-2007)



  • Tumi Mur Mathu Mur (2000)
  • Mon Jai (2008)
  • Gaane Ki Anne (2016)
  • Priyar Priyo (2017)
  • Mission China (2017) etc.


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