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Assamese culture is one of the richest cultures in the whole world. I am not saying this culture as rich without any reason. But there are obviously many reasons behind this. 

As an example you can see, the address key’s between the relatives. 

In Assam, different relatives are called differently. As mother’s younger brother called as ‘Mama’, Father’s younger brother called as ‘Khura’ and elder brother called as ‘Bordeota’

But if approached the English culture then only one address keyword you will get see in all this and that is ‘Uncle’.

Similarly, there are other reasons too, due to which much wise intellect also define Assamese culture is one of the richest cultures in the world.

Just as the language is responsible for making rich the culture of Assam, the traditional musical elements are also equally responsible to make the same thing.

So in this post, we will discuss the 5 main traditional music types of Assam, Which has a greater impact on the progress of this culture.

So let’s start this………………….

Traditional Music of Assam, folk culture

The 5 Different Types of Traditional Music of Assam 

1. Borgeet:- First of all let’s talk about Borgeet. Mahapusura Srimanta Sankardeva and Madhavdeva composed these holy or religious songs.

These songs, composed earlier by the two personalities, not known by the name Borgeet. Both of them had presented these holy songs only for the promotion of ‘Bhakti-Dharma’ (Neo-Vaishnavism). 

After the death of Shankardeva and Madhavdeva, their disciples nominated these devotional songs in the name of Borgeet. [All about in their respect]

[Shankardeva and Madhavdeva composed Borgeet’s in ‘Brajjwali language’]

Due to the amazing formation and illumination, many Assamese literary names are also being nominated these holy songs by different names.

Here Dr.Banikanta Kakoti defined it ‘Noble Numbers’. Kaliram Medhi called it ‘Song’s Celestial’ or ‘Great songs’ and Debendranath Baruah defined it ‘Holy songs’

All these songs designed to promote devotional religion are a part of the traditional classical music of India.

It is mostly said that Shankardeva composed his first Borgeet in 1515. That song was “Maan Meri Ram Charan hi Lage”. 

Through the song, he tried to show the glory of Lord Shri Krishna or Bishnu in the middle of the ordinary people. 

Of course, as you know Borgeet’s are completely Lord Shri Krishna or Bishnu centric.

Folk Songs of Assam, Khol


2. Folk Songs: – The beginning of literature begins from the mouth and gradually they take a written form. 

There are a lot of songs in Asomiya literature which has been running only being reported. 

These reported songs defined as Folk songs. But in Assam, these traditional songs called by ‘Naam’ rather defining Folk songs.

[They are famous as- Ei Naam, Gukhai Naam, Bhekuli Naam, Dhai Naam etc]

According to some historians estimation, It possible to compose these all within the 9th century.

But whatever happens; we have to admit, these alleged songs have been promoting Assamese literature and culture very beautifully since the very ancient times.


3. Kamrupi folk song: – Considering the center of Kamrup’s daily life, these songs are sung on the topics of marriage, sports, and farming. 

According to some intellect, Vaishnav Dharma influenced Karupi folk songs quite a lot.


4. Goalporia folk song: – Goalporia Lokgeet or Goalporia folk song is especially popular in Goalpara district of Assam. In these folk songs love regarded as the basic subject of it. 

The great female artist/singer Pratima pandy Baruah took this folk form to the national level.

In many times, other Assamese singers like Bhupen Hazarika, Zubeen Garg, and Papon also sang many songs of Goalporia Lokgeet.


5. Husori: – Husori sang at the time of Rongali Bihu. But we cannot compare it with the Bihu dance, though they are both interconnected.

Husori lyrics are only used by men, and women do not take part in it. Husori is a song associated with the religious direction that is why it supports the progress of spirituality in society.

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