What is TET Assam?


TET Assam is a teacher eligibility test or an examination. It organized for appointing eligible candidates as teachers for the states education system. 

Actually, this entrance test for candidates is very important to choose real eligible candidates for government schools teaching job. 

Therefore it is mandatory in India. And for all the dreamers who have a desire to become a successful teacher in his/her life.

What is TET Assam

When TET exam did very first organize in Assam?

In Assam, TET was very first organized on 10th January 2012. The exam conducted in 561 centers across the whole state. In that test there were 3, 56,914 candidates appeared and competed against 21,000 posts. [This was the most historical exam in the history of Assam because before the ‘TET’ no recruitment exam was organized like that]

On the one hand, the need for teachers was met by this examination and on the other hand, the state’s unemployment level was being reduced considerably.

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TET exam’s contribution to Assam’s education system.

Education is a lifelong process, it never ends. Though we taught or not. But we do learn each and every time from nature. This is the real character of education. 

But above all, it is also true that mentors or teachers always play a very significant role in our learning process. Without mentors, it is really very tough to full-fill or meets learner learning purposes. 

Assam is a state of India. Here once it was very difficult to provide equal quality education for primary and secondary level school students. Teachers less quantity was the main cause of it.

In 2011 Assam’s education minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sharma declared to organize an exam. The exam would appoint 21,000 teachers for the states primary and secondary schools and that particular exam was TET.

Do you want to know about TET Assam and its contribution to the state’s education system? 

If you do……….

Then today in this post, I will also explain to you how this revolutionary exam has been impacting Assam’s education system since 2012.


1. Eligible Candidate: – TET is better than any other ways to appoint a massive number of eligible candidates for the teaching job. Because it passes via a hard entrance test. On the other hand, the appointed number is so huge. Most of the Assamese intellect also told that appointed candidates are really eligible for that particular job. Because the manner in which the teachers were appointed through, the medium was absolutely right.

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2. Full-filling The Needs in Schools: – Before 2012 there were very fewer numbers of teachers in Assam’s primary and secondary schools [not too less but not enough as needed]. In that case, students suffered and left away unwillingly from getting teachers teaching. After the TET, the needs of teachers were full-filled in schools. Nowaday’s students have less problem of getting teacher’s absence.

There was another problem in earlier times (before 2012) when due to the absence of teachers the students started going to private schools except for government schools. As a result, the importance of government schools was greatly reduced. But after new teachers appointed, it helped a lot to reduce this problem greatly.


3. Modern Teachers: – Newly appointed teachers are quite experienced with modern ideas and techniques. They have new thoughts and experimental ideas. Because of this reason, they will be able to provide more modern education to the students rather than old teachers. So, this is also a good contribution of TET.

For an example: – In Assam, 100 out of 90% old teachers will not be able to use, such things like a laptop, computers, and mobiles for providing better digital education. But newly appointed teachers are very nicely familiar with these things at all, so they can use these things for their students.


4. Competition Against Privatization: – 21st century is the age of Globalization. Here everything has become a part of the global market. Even, education is not far away from it. Once in Assam private school, colleges were killing the public institutions in competition. 

Even people started to thought, this was the ending stage of the public education system. At that time TET entered the state. And today Assam’s education system is not uni-polarized but bi-polarized. And competition is still remaining between private and govt education institutions.


5. Education For All: – Public education is completely based on “EDUCATION FOR ALL”method. Now, I want to ask you, if the private sector kills the public institutions in competition then what poor parents would do for their children’s education? [You can answer below] 

Because they have no money to send their children to a school or colleges with a high monthly fee. TET teacher’s appointment gaining a new hope for the actual implementation of the famous quotes “Education For All”.



Education is everyone’s birthright. It does not matter if a person is rich or poor because it is like our breath. Nobody can stay alive without it, Can anyone? and hence even we can’t signify a person as a complete human. 

I hope you liked our post. Now if you have a query, suggestion on the article then please let me know by commenting below.

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