Tea festival of Assam


Assam is the state, where different types of people from different casts, religion, and languages live in. 

Because of this reason, the culture of the state has become a mixed culture and due to these mix culture, Assam celebrates a lot of festivals within a year. 

So among them, the tea festival of Assam state is the significant one.  

So, do you want to know what and why the tea festival of Assam is celebrated?

And where and when it is celebrated? In this post, we will discuss briefly this matter. So let’s start with the first question mark.

What and why the tea festival of Assam is celebrated?

You may know, Assam state is the hub of tea cultivation. 

According to a report of 2016 Assam produces 57% of tea of the whole of India’s production. And with this huge production the state leading India to rank on 2nd in the world index.

According to the report of 2018 china still ranking on the 1st position. But it hoped, in a few years India will beat China in the field.

Ok, now let’s talk about what is the concept of this festival. 

Actually, this fair organized to encourage the people (they are tea farmers, labors and business persons etc) who are related to Tea agriculture. 

And other purposes like organizing conferences, meetings arranged to discuss the potentialities and the problems on the way of its future growth. 

In those conferences, people with expertise come here from all over India and out of India. In the festival days, these people visit all the tea estates around all over the state.

Tea festival of Assam


Where and when Assam’s tea festival is celebrated?

Do you know, in which place of Assam the first tea garden was established? 

Yes, it is Sinamora. Assamese revolutionary Maniram Dewan first established this tea garden and started doing tea gardening commercially in all over India.

Sinamora is situated in Jorhat district. 

Not only that but also Jorhat is one of the highest contributors in tea producing. you should know that the foundation of the state’s first experimental tea research center (Which is Tuklai) situated in Jorhat. 

Therefore considering Jorhat as the center of this festival, this is celebrated all over Assam.

Generally Assam tea festival falls during November month and hence people enjoy (Especially labor) it in cold winters with a hot cup of tea.

So, this is it. If you have any query, suggestion then pleases comment below.


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