Srimanta Sankardeva Biography


In 1449 a baby boy was born in the house of Kusumbar Bhuyan (father) and Satyasandhya Bhuyan (mother), who later led the whole Assam, Assamese culture and of course its people’s mentality.

[No specific date of birth founded till the date] 

He was a great scholar, saint, play-writer (Vauna), poet, religious and social reformer. 

Did anyone realize at that time that one day he would be recognized by the most prestigious word ‘Mahapusura (Mahapurusa is a word of Assamese language, which means great human)? 

Do you get it, on whom I am talking about…….

Yes, I am talking about the great human of Vaishnavism Mahapusura Srimanta Sankardeva.

It seems you want to know about this great human of Assam. If you really do then don’t go anywhere, because exactly the same thing here I am going to share with you in this post.

So let’s start with…………………


The Early Life of Srimanta Sankardeva

Srimanta Sankardeva was born in 1449 in a Baro-Bhuyan (Its a community Community) family at Ali Pukhuri, Borduwa (Present day Nagaon district)

In very early of his birth, his mother died. Later when he was at the age of 7 he also lost his father due to Small Pox. Hence his grandmother ‘Khersuti’ had to take his responsibility and raised him from a very early age. 

Sankardeva started to go Tol (school) of Mahendra Kandali at 12 years old. Maybe most of the people don’t know but Sankardeva’s birth name was ‘Sankaravara’. 

When he was at the Tol his guru Mahendra Kandali changed that name to Sankardeva.

It is Very strange to listen at present day but without taught vowels in Tol he wrote his first poem in the name of God ‘Vishnu’. The poem was “Karatala Kamala Kamala Dala Nayana”

Do you know…………

This was the first poem of him, which was composed without using any Matras. Through this, he also showed the sign of his poetic intelligence at a very early age. 

According to some analyzer of his life due to practice yoga, he became physically very stronger. And therefore he was able to swim across the whole Brahmaputra River, even during flood times too. 

There is a common said among Assamese people that when he was at the age of 12 he beat down a big bull by his bare hands.

Srimanta Sankardeva Biography


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Marriage Biography of Srimanta Sankardeva

Sankardeva married two times during his whole life. 

For the very first time, he married a woman at 21 years old. Her name was Suryavati But after a few years later Suryavati died with the birth of a beautiful baby girl, named Manu

At 32 years old, he went for pilgrimage in the whole of India and visited all the spiritual places of north India. 

He also visited Puri, Mathura, Ayodhya, Rameswaram, Dwarka, and Gaya. After pilgrimage of whole India, he went back to his home and married again a woman at 54 ages. Sankardeva’s 2nd wife name was Kalandi.


Great Works of Srimanta Sankardeva

There is no such great work in the history of Assam had done before Sankardeva. 

The social life of the state was completely controlled by irrationality or blind believes. 

Before him, Idol worship was very much popular among the people. Some unwise Priest shows to common people the fear of inauspicious power and exploits them by creating some uncomfortable situations.

Sankardeva started his second pilgrimage, in 1550. In the first pilgrimage, he traveled to North India but for the second time, he visited South India.

There he met many saints and studied with them about the true nature of ‘Dharma’ (Religion). He even went to the monastery of Kabir Das and paid tribute to the great poet.

After traveling to South India, he returned to Assam and founded a new religion. 

This new religion opposed idol worship. Because of some idol worship, unwise priests exploited the ordinary people of the society and used to spread violent mentalities among them. 

He had incorporated only good elements of Hindu religion into his new founded religion, which we know today as Ekasarana’ or Navavaishnav dharma

He also did a lot of work for the promotion of Navavaishnav, in which Vauna is the most important one. 

Actually, Vauna is a drama or play where Lord Vishnu is praised through acting by people. 

If you want to see the effect of this religion, then you should go to Majuli for once (During Ras season).


Sankardeva also composed many musical works, drama, tribunal songs in his life. His compositions were like this:-


  • Gajendra anecdotes
  • Kurukshetra
  • Gopi-Uddhav Sambad
  • Amrit Manthan
  • Harishchandra anecdotes
  • Ajamil anecdotes
  • Rukmini Harna poetry


Translation text

  • Dashdash Scandh
  • Bhagwat
  • Ramayana Uttarkanda
  • Dasham Skander Adichova


The drama

  • Rukmini Haran
  • Kaliyadman
  • Parijat Haran
  • Ram Vijaya
  • Patni Prasad
  • Keligopal



  • Borgeet
  • Bhatima (Devvatima, Rajbhatima, Naatbhatima)
  • Totoay
  • Chayan

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Some pictures of Borduwa Bornamghar

Borduwa Bornamghar is the central place of Vaishnavism and Srimanta Sankardeva’s religious activities.

Borduwa Bornamghar

picture of Borduwa Bornamghar

Srimanta Sankardeva's religious activities



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